Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

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Divorce certainly isn’t a happy subject, but it’s a relevant one these days nonetheless. In fact, every minute there are two divorces in the U.S. The 1970s saw a major increase in divorce rates in the U.S., most likely due to the changes in cultural and family values during that time, along with the removal of several legal barriers that prevented women from leaving their husbands. This cultural shift has reverberated into today’s reality. And while U.S. divorce rates have been on a slight steady decline since their peak at the end of the ’70s, still nearly half of all marriages today end in divorce.

Because divorce has become so commonplace in the U.S. there has also been an increased demand for divorce help. Filing a divorce can be complicated and time-consuming, so one will need a divorce lawyer. Divorce lawyers provide legal advice, mediate negotiations between both parties, and help explain, organize, and complete any divorce papers with complex instructions and parameters.

Divorces generally fall into two categories: Contested and Uncontested. Contested divorces are cases in which both parties disagree on the terms of the divorce. The most common topics of contention are typically child custody, finances, and asset or property ownership. Contested divorce lawyers work with a single party to negotiate with the other party, who also has his/her own contested divorce lawyer. These negotiations can take time and plenty of emotional effort.

There are also many cases when both parties come to a mutual and civil understanding, however. They both wish to end the marriage and may even come to an agreement on the terms of the divorce. Because most uncontested divorces don’t require several trips to court or multiple consults with divorce lawyers, these kinds of divorces are cheaper than contested ones.

In cases such as these, an uncontested divorce lawyer is needed. Uncontested divorce lawyers help each party get what they want without the hassles of court and additional legal fees. While there may still be some instances of disagreement in an uncontested divorce, these minor issues are usually dealt with much more quickly since both parties generally agree on the divorce itself. An uncontested divorce lawyer is there to help solve these small issues and provide the cheapest and least painful divorce possible.

Once one knows whether their divorce is contested or uncontested, one can begin looking for the proper divorce lawyer. These men and women aren’t only able to help legally and financially, they also understand the burden of divorce, and will provide the comfort and care one needs during this unfortunate process.

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