Why Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney is Important For Alcohol and Drug Crimes

Criminal defense law firm

Individuals who find themselves facing criminal charges will find that hiring a criminal defense attorney can help them reduce their charges and stay out of court as much as possible. A criminal defense law firm will be able to assign an attorney who is experienced in dealing with these types of cases, making life simpler for the person who is facing charges. If this is a first-time offense, the attorney can go a long way in getting the sentenced reduced, including money that may be owed to the courts. Whatever the needs of the client, there is an attorney who is skilled enough to help them. Read on to see how attorneys have worked with individuals facing alcohol and drug crimes.

.Attorneys Are Knowledgeable In Handling Drug Charges Related to Car Accidents

Although some people might be ashamed and scared to admit this, many crimes committed on drugs have involved a motor vehicle at some point. In these cases, drugs (both street drugs and those that are prescribed) are involved in over 14% of all car crashes. In the year 2014, it was estimated that over 1 million drivers were arrested and faced some kind of charge related to drug crimes or dwi. A criminal defense attorney that is experienced in dealing with such cases can help individuals figure out how long their case might go on for, and work with them to reduce the charges. Having an attorney in such a serious situation can be comforting to someone who has never gone through a situation like this before.

An Attorney Can Advise Clients of What Their Possible Options Are

If someone is being charged with drug crimes, having an attorney can be a relief to them, since the attorney can explain what charges the individual might face, and work with the judge to lower these charges. Individuals who have committed drug crimes can face anything, from possession, to intent to sell or even drug trafficking. All these charges carry different penalties, so a criminal defense attorney can let clients know what the best and worse case situations may be, and help them proceed from there.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Assist With Other Issues Related to Drug and Alcohol Charges

An individual who has to deal with drug charges may also be facing other problems, such as a suspended license. The attorney can let them know what to expect, and what steps they will need to take to get their license back. This is not uncommon, and over 50% of individuals keep driving even after their license has been suspended. If an individual is having problems finding out how to get their license back, many lawyers have resources, and can refer their clients to places that will help them get their license reinstated. Some people might need AA or NA, and attorneys can help them get on the path to recovery, and show this evidence to the judge, thereby helping to reduce a sentence. Even when things seem difficult, a good criminal defense attorney is skilled enough to help the person they are serving.

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