Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney?


Will you ever need a criminal defense attorney? You might not think so, but just because you don?t intend to break the law doesn?t meant that one day you might not need a lawyer.

In 2015, the police and other law enforcement in the US arrested well over 10 million people. In fact, there are more Americans with a criminal record today than there were American citizens back in 1900. With that kind of national track record, it?s smart to look into law firms now, in case you ever need one later.

You might need a criminal defense attorney if you cause someone else an injury, for example. Every year in the United States, 3 million people are injured in 6 million car accidents. Many of these are the result of distracted driving or drunk driving. In either case, an auto accident like that could mean that you need a criminal defense attorney.

You might need a personal injury lawyer if someone slips or falls at your workplace or home. Someone could come after you for medical bills or for distress. In 22% of such accidents, the person who fell misses more than 31 days of work. You might need an attorney lest you be held liable for all their missed work.

If you are facing any kind of charge, no matter how minor it might seem, you should get legal advice from a competent lawyer immediately. Even if you don?t end up hiring a lawyer in the end, just getting a basic consultation with a criminal defense attorney will certainly help you understand yours situation better, as well as some of your options.

If you?re not sure how to find a lawyer, you can start by looking at the major criminal defense attorney organizations in your state or city. Reputable lawyers will generally be members of one of these, and the organization can give you contact information for attorneys in your area.

Another good avenue for finding a capable lawyer is simple referral. Ask personal friends or colleagues who have had a successful experience. Perhaps your business works with a law office: ask them for a criminal defense attorney recommendation. It?s also possible to find an attorney directly through your state’s bar association website.

If you find yourself in need of an attorney, and have contacted one, arrange a face to face consultation where you can find out more about the legal technicalities of your situation and get a feel for the lawyer. You want to feel confident in his or her analysis and skills.

Think in advance of what you want to ask when you meet your criminal defense attorney. Of course you?ll want to ask about fees; but also ask for an explanation of all your legal options, a recommended trial schedule, and how quickly he or she can get started on your case.

Finding and hiring a lawyer can seem like a daunting task, but a little advance preparation now could make things a whole lot easier should you suddenly find yourself in need of one later.

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