Truck Accidents Why Lawyering Up Is Important

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Phoenix az trucking accident attorney

Accidents in the trucking industry are among the most dangerous auto accidents in existence. When 80,000 pounds of truck gets tangled up with 5,000 pounds of car in a crash, 98% of the time there’s at least one death and countless injuries. Protecting yourself from these accidents starts with road safety and paying close attention while driving. When accidents and injuries do happen, it’s important to get an injury attorney who will help translate the complexities of auto injury law.

It’s entirely possible to file injury claims against an insurance company after an accident. Lots of people choose that route if their accidents or injuries were minor, allowing them the time to research necessary legal steps. Unfortunately, when there’s a semi truck accident, injuries are more severe and can involve wrongful death. It’s estimated that thousands of people are killed in truck accidents annually. Navigating the legal system throughout the emotionally and financially strenuous time after an accident is where a trusted local truck accident lawyer will shine on your behalf. In the wake of an accident, a personal injury lawyer will focus on the legal ramifications of your case, insurance company settlements, and bring your case to trial, if need be.

A main difference between truck accidents and car accidents are trucking companies. Trucks are generally attached to a commercial freight company, shipping massive quantities of cargo long distances, quickly. Speed is a high priority to these companies and when accidents happen, freight companies often have full legal teams in place to battle claims made by injured parties. A truck accident lawyer is on your side throughout this entire process, and will ensure you’re appropriately represented.

There’s no pleasant way to address personal injury law, it’s a messy business. It can be even messier if you’re left alone to sift through the complexities of truck accident law while balancing emotional and physical trauma. Make some calls, stop in to your local truck accident lawyer and see if your case is something they can help deal with. Having that legal expertise on your side while dealing with the pain of an auto accident will bring peace of mind that would otherwise be lost.

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