3 Things to Look for in an Attorney

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Trying to find an attorney in the age of digital marketing can be overwhelming. Everyone is constantly hounding you about their expertise, and their low fees, or their win/lose ratio. The problem is, some of these only take partial statistics into account, meaning you only get one part of the whole picture. To find a great attorney to fight for you, you need to do your own research. Check out what you should be looking for during your search!


You should usually look for an attorney with expertise in the case type you need them for. Basically, you want to go to an injury attorney for a personal injury case, rather than someone who works more general cases. Only 4% of personal injury cases end up going to trial, with about 96% being settled out of court, pretrial. This is because when a product is at fault in an injury case, and someone files a product liability lawsuit, companies generally want to stay out of the press. Your attorney should work, however, to find a solution that benefits you over the company.

Communication Skills

Your lawyer should also be able to communicate with you consistently and efficiently. At any given time, you should be able to ask questions about your case, and your attorney should have an answer waiting for you, given quickly and truthfully. If they are not communicative, then they are likely hiding something, or simply not being a good attorney.


Transparency is also a key quality to have in an attorney. They should be thorough and truthful through the entire case. For example, if you ask up front how much the case will cost you, don’t be fooled by a low number. Honest attorneys know that the price will fluctuate based on how long the case is, and what (if any) additional services are needed for the case.

Are you looking for these qualities when trying to find an attorney? Are there any others that are important to you or that you think would affect a case?

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