4 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer Right Away

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Life is full of change. As time goes on, certain changes take place between two people who are in a relationship. Considering that, many married couples begin to grow apart for various reasons. If two people are unable to work things out, someone in this relationship will likely file for divorce. Being served with divorce papers is an understandably overwhelming event. After this takes place, it’s wise to find a divorce lawyer right away. Here are four reasons why you should hire a lawyer before going through a divorce.

  1. Obtaining Custody of Your Children

    After couples fall in love, they’ll often have children together. With that in mind, adults with children of their own become understandably nervous thinking about custody. There are several common types of parental custody. For instance, many parents spend separate time with their children throughout the week. Unfortunately, not all custody discussions between parents are this agreeable. It’s wise to hire a lawyer before your divorce process begins, especially when children are involved. In turn, you’ll have a legal professional working on your behalf in regards to you obtaining custody of your children.
  2. Helping to Ensure You Keep What’s Important

    Throughout their lives, many couples make all sorts of joint purchases. For example, many married couples purchase a home together. In addition, other couples will share ownership of vehicles, boats, and other items. When it’s time for a couple to divorce, these possessions often need to be split up. During this time, it’s important to have a lawyer on your side. Lawyers provide many types of legal aid for divorces, especially when it comes to helping you secure important items.
  3. Finalizing Your Divorce as Fast as Possible

    No one getting divorced wants this to be a time consuming process. Research shows that it typically takes anywhere from zero to six months after an initial divorce petition is filed before a divorce becomes final. If you or your current spouse don’t have any type of legal aid for divorce, this process will take much longer. Therefore, couples wanting to divorce as fast as possible should strongly consider contacting their own lawyers. In turn, each person will have a legal representative on their side who is able to expedite the divorce process.
  4. Having Someone Speak on Your Behalf

    Not everyone involved in a divorce supports this situation. If you’re having an understandably difficult time, it’s unlikely you want to be around your current spouse. Fortunately, having legal aid for divorces benefits clients in several ways. One of these ways involves having a lawyer speak on your behalf. This can include meeting with your spouse and their attorneys. In turn, you’ll able to spend more time focusing on other important matters.

In closing, it’s important to understand the importance of having a divorce lawyer on your side. There are many reasons why married couples get divorced. Research from the Journal of Family Issues found that infidelity remains the leading cause of divorce. However, 19.2% of married couples split due to incompatibility issues. In addition, 10.6% of married couples get divorced due to problems relating to drinking or drug abuse. Regardless of the reasons you’re getting divorced, it’s wise to consider hiring a divorce lawyer. This allows you to help ensure that your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

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