5 Necessary Characteristics of a Good Lawyer

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Are you looking for a legal representative to stand by you in court? Whether you are going through a divorce or been in an auto accident, having a good lawyer representing you is important if you want to win your case. However, finding a legal representative can be difficult. Here are a few things that you should keep an eye out for when you are searching for an attorney to represent you.

A Listening Ear
You will need legal advice, you know that. Most people hire a lawyer because they want them to tell them what to do. However, a lawyer should be able to do more than just give advice. They should be able to listen. If they can’t listen to you and find out exactly what your situation is then they are not going to be able to represent you effectively. A lawyer that does all the talking often comes up surprised in court because they haven’t taken the time to talk to their client and find out what exactly happened. The opposing party can use that against you and dig up secrets and expose them, catching your lawyer by surprise.

A Knowledgeable Mind
Having a knowledgeable mind refers to your legal representative understanding not only your situation but similar situations and having represented them before. Having experience in the field of your issue will help them to be able to get through the process quicker. They will know what kinds of papers need to be filed and how to get it done quickly. If you end up in trial, then they will be able to point out different things and be able to pull from their past experiences and trials that they have won to be able to help your case.

A Proactive Approach
You need a lawyer that is proactive and take initiative. It’s pointless for you to have a legal representative that hides behind you. You’d be paying them for nothing. You need a confident, outgoing lawyer that is not afraid to stand up and take charge of the situation. Being proactive is something that is in the personality of a lawyer. While someone can learn to be proactive, it’s better if this is something that is just apart of who they are because it will come naturally and they will be able to see where they need to step up.

A Persistent Personality
At times, persistence is going to be important. Once papers are filed, there is not much that any one can do but a good, persistent lawyer will follow up on the papers and try and expedite things. There are certain thing that can be done. This is where a knowledgeable mind also comes in helpful. If your lawyer knows the field and the judge, they may be able to figure out what is taking so long. They’ll be more familiar with the whole process and be able to let you know how it all is progressing.

An Approachable Demeanor
More than anything, you need to be able to talk to your lawyer without judgement. A lawyer that looks down on you or views you as less than themselves because of your situation is not a lawyer that you want to keep. You can get a feel for your lawyer right from the first interview and see how they come off. If they cut you off or dismiss your opinions and ideas or are shocked at things that you tell them about the case, then you can go ahead and assume that they are not the lawyer for you and move on with your search. A good lawyer will be approachable and available to talk to you at any time about your case.

You could actually see most of these traits in the first interview. The first interview is the free consultation. When you first start looking for a lawyer, you will likely be able to have a free consultation with any firm that you are looking into hiring. If they sent an assistant or paralegal to the interview, move on. If they don’t have the above characteristics, move on. If they won’t work with you financially, move on. There are plenty of lawyers to choose from and you will be able to find what works for you.

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