A Look At Some Of The Most Common Personal Injury Cases In The United States

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Personal injury cases are many all throughout the United States. Fortunately, so too are personal injury lawyers, personal injury attorneys, and personal injury law firms. For many people, the ability to contact such professionals for guidance in filing a personal injury claim can be hugely beneficial. After all, it is thanks to such personal injury lawyers and other such professionals that the vast majority of all personal injury cases – up to 96% of them, as a matter of fact – are able to be settled pretrial, before the actual trial ever actually begins.

Car accidents are a particularly common type of personal injury case, with many victims of such incidents wondering what to do after a car accident. With up to six million of them happening over the course of just one year, wondering what to do after a car accident is certainly quite far from being uncommon. In many cases, the answer to the question of what to do after a car accident will mean contacting a personal injury attorney working at a reputable personal injury law firm, as many car accidents and other such personal injury accidents are hugely preventable and leave one party quite clearly at fault.

With up to three million injuries occurring in these motor vehicle accidents, it’s certainly no surprise that more than half of all personal injury cases involve motor vehicle accidents of some nature, following distantly by medical malpractice cases (which make up only just 15% of all personal injury cases in this country). Unfortunately, some of these accidents now only leave people wondering what to do after a car accident, but how to rebuild their lives entirely. The data supports this, as it shows that up to 35% of all spinal cord injuries will occur in various automobile accidents, at least here in the United States. And, as many people know, spinal cord injuries are certainly always serious and can often be quite completely life changing. Many people who suffer from a spinal cord injury will also have to deal with the repercussions of this injury – like paralysis – for the rest of their lives.

And car accidents that leave people wondering what to do after a car accident are often widely preventable as well. Drunk driving, for instance, causes many a car accident here in the United States. After all, up to 300,000 people get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol for each and every day that passes. Unfortunately, only about 4,000 or so of these people will be arrested in that same span of time, leaving the rest of these people to continue to pose a risk to everyone that they come in contact with while still behind the wheel.

Distracted driving is another big threat and one that claims many lives over the course of the year. In addition to this, things like speeding and road rage can also contribute to accidents over the course of the year, that same span of time. For many people, car accidents can completely change the course of their lives and so these cases must be taken seriously. Fortunately, the answer to what to do after a car accident is relatively simple. In many cases, finding a personal injury attorney to file a personal injury claim is the best course of action, and one that can lead to a settlement that helps to pay off some of the medical fees that can be associated with such things.

And in addition to such cases, many other personal injury cases are quite common throughout the country. For instance, there are at least 20,000 different claims of medical malpractice filed on a yearly basis. Slip and fall accidents are also quite prevalent and often take place in workplace environments, something that can certainly impact the outcome of a personal injury case (often in the victim’s favor). If you’re ever in doubt about an accident and whether or not you have a personal injury case, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer in your area, as they are going to help you tremendously.

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