Could Your Baby’s Birth Injury Call for Medical Malpractice?

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Every parent simply wants the best for their child. And who wouldn’t want a full, happy and healthy life for their little one? So it is not hard to imagine the heartache and devastation that families are faced with when they become statistics in the birth injury rates in this country. There are multiple types of birth injuries, but no matter what the family may be faced with, there is a chance that they may need to be talking to a medical malpractice lawyer. Birth injury rates are much higher than they should be, perhaps due in part to the overwhelming hours that many doctors end up working. Something needs to change, because one doctor’s mistake does not just affect him or her, it affects the person he is trying to help — perhaps a brand new life — and the family members and loved ones close to that person.

What to do when a birth injury occurs
The very first course of action after identifying a birth injury is to explore what options are available to the injured baby. This vital move is crucial in helping to ensure that the infant will have a chance at a long and happy life. And once those options have been discussed and a course of action has been decided upon, it may be time to talk to a birth injury lawyer. The bigger picture is that birth injury rates need to fall. But for each individual affected, the number one priority is making sure that the injured baby and his or her family will be able to move forward to a successful life, minimizing the hardships related to the birth injury as much as possible. Sometimes the damages awarded to the family in such a case can greatly help offset the medical bills that will be surfacing in the future.

Staying strong and being supportive
Along with being strong and supportive, it is important to be vigilant in finding out exactly what caused the baby’s abnormalities. Of babies born with congenital cerebral palsy, a hefty 22% suffered a brain injury at some point during the birthing process, causing the birth defect. But it is not always a matter of medical malpractice or the fault of a doctor. Unfortunately, there are some cases of difficult pregnancies or abnormal development before birth that can affect the child’s health later on. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, commonly referred to as the CDC, has estimated that on average, about one in every 323 children have cerebral palsy in the United States. It has been identified as the most common of motor disabilities in children. One quite common risk factor of cerebral palsy is an abnormally low birth rate, sometimes under five and a half pounds. While it is heartbreaking to think of the activities that your child may miss out on due to this condition, there are still ways that he or she can live a full and happy life, and the job of the parent is to hand out unconditional love and support above anything else.

Dealing with birth injuries or abnormalities will be one of the most difficult and painful things any parent might endure. But it is important to keep in mind that the gift of being a parent is the joy and happiness that overtakes that pain.

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