Different Applications that Apply to Intellectual Property Service

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No matter whether you need a copyright, patent, or trademark, there is a series of action that needs to be taken in order to complete intellectual property services. Intellectual property practices can be a time-consuming application, especially when you desire a patent for an item that you have developed.

Intellectual Property Services: Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Services

Plain and simple, copyright means that published content can only be published once by a single author, and attempts to copy and publish that text is a break of copyright law. Full copyrighting includes legal action such as a copyright of a title to a book or paper. After that happens, you have to be cited when your copy, title, or content is referred to in someone else’s work. No matter what, working with patent attorneys can help with the need to protect your trademark, patent, or copyright.

Product trademarks can be registered for online, including a product that is created under a specific company brand. By registering online, the trademark symbol (™) is required to follow those product names when they are referenced. Additionally, no other products can be named the same. This is not as in-depth as the patent, but it is also a faster registration process while still having the same legal protection. The trademark provides intellectual property litigation if another company attempts to name their products the same as yours, or even if a company attempts to open with the same name as another trademarked brand name.

The patent process is the most difficult process of completing intellectual property rights. Not all items can be patented. Additionally, in order to meet the qualifications to be patented, there is a long list of terms that must be matched by an invention. Note that only about half of all patent applications actually receive approval. Given the hundreds of thousands of applications that are submitted annually, the USPTO has a great deal of work.

The Patent Lawyer and Application Process

A patent attorney is specialized in patent law and works on intellectual property services for all different copyright, trademark, and patent requirements. Therefore, patent lawyers sometimes need a broad knowledge of patent law and intellectual property law across many nations because of the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of products internationally. Considering the patent application process of 12 months initially, and the most detailed need for request, the assistance of a patent attorney is most often required with this application. After a 12-month expiration, the process sometimes needs to be started again and the patent lawyer can help with added details.

Separating the Intellectual Property Service of Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents

There are different lengths of life for these three different intellectual property services. While it is known that some of them are more difficult to apply for, it is also helpful to know that some last longer than others. It is important to know that the acceptance of any of these registrations or applications does not mean that the intellectual property service simply lasts forever. Some of these limits include the following:

  1. The exclusive right to copyright lasts for 70 years beyond the death of the author.
  2. For a patent, the term lasts for 20 years beyond the initial application submitted by your attorney.
  3. There is a specific Trademark Act, known as the Lanham Act, that protects trademarks that are registered.
  4. Comprehensive intellectual property law roughly dates back to 17th century England.

While the process of a patent application may be long and challenging, if you are able to use a copyright or trademark for intellectual property protection it may be a little easier. Additionally, remember that a pending patent expires after the initial 12 months, and the application process must be restarted. Patent laws can be tough, and the need for a patent attorney may be required. It is a challenge, but when believing in your invention the work toward a patent is well worth the effort.

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