Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?


In the world of law, the most common attorneys you hear of are defense attorneys and criminal attorneys. One kind of attorney that you may not know a lot about is the real estate attorney. These lawyers focus solely on cases involving housing, splitting mortgages, and damage issues in a home.

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This begs the question, do you really need a real estate lawyer for any case involving your home? In this video, a real estate attorney sheds some like on the subject of home-centered cases.

Obviously, real estate lawyers do much more than simply handling closing costs for homes. They also draft up real estate contracts for people. They use all of the legalities required to write up a valid agreement that is usable in court. In addition, they help with zoning issue confusion. They also help closers create LLCs to keep or hold properties. These situations can be hard to handle alone, and real estate attorneys are well-versed in all things involving property. If you have questions about real estate practices or what your town will permit, a real estate attorney is the perfect person to ask.


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