Five Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When Riding a Motorcycle

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Motorcycle accidents are one of the most potentially fatal accidents that you can be involved in. It’s hard to see motorcycles so other drivers often misjudge the time they have to switch lanes or turn corners. If you’ve been involved in motorcycle accidents that haven’t been your fault, you’ve probably had to hire a personal injury lawyer or an accident attorney. Accident lawyers are not cheap and motorcycle accidents can end very badly. So, in order to avoid both automobile and motorcycle accidents as well as having to hire a lawyer, here are a few things to keep you safe while you are riding.

Wear a Helmet
If you don’t take anything else away from this article, remember this. Protecting your head is the most important thing you can do when you are riding a motorcycle. Most crashes that end in fatalities are because the rider hit his head when he flew off the bike. If you are wearing a helmet then other areas of your body might get bumped, bruised or even broken but they can be fixed and mended. Hitting your head is something that does yet not have a repair method. Too many motorcyclists refuse to wear helmets but this is not only a stupid decision, it is also selfish. Your loved ones would much rather you break an arm while riding then smash your skull in.

Wear Reflective and Protective Gear
Wearing reflective gear, especially at night time, will help other drivers be able to see you when you are on the road. This is the main problem with motorcycle accidents. It’s not that other drivers target motorcycles, it’s that they simply don’t see them. By wearing reflective gear, you’ll be able to be more easily noticed. As far as protective wear goes, leather is not just to look cool. Real leathers will protect you from road rash, should you go down. You can buy breathable leather with reflective patches so you get the best of both worlds.

Make Your Motorcycle Loud
There are certain legal restraints for exhaust pipes on motorcycles so make sure you do your research before you go poking holes in your pipes but your bike needs to be loud enough so that other drivers are aware of your presence even if they can’t see you. If other drivers can hear a motorcycle, even if they can’t see it, they will be a little more likely to drive carefully and keep an eye out for the bike.

Stay Out of Blind Spots
Drive smart. Don’t ride in a car’s blind spot. The blind spot is the area on the side of a car that looking in the mirror can’t reach. Drivers should be using their mirrors as well as turning their head to look before the switch lanes but this doesn’t always happen. If you are driving in someone’s blind spot and they move over, they can send you spinning, unintentionally. Those cases are always tricky because it’s hard to say who is at fault. While the driver should have been paying more attention, the motorcycle rider shouldn’t have been in the blind spot to begin with.

Drive Defensively
It’s common for motorcyclists to want to drive offensively and ride in between cars and make themselves their own lane. This is not only illegal in most states but it is incredibly dangerous. When you are on a motorcycle, you should always be driving defensively and making sure that you are protecting yourself and not putting yourself and other drivers in unnecessarily harmful situations. There’s a way to still have fun and ride to your hearts content without making potentially dangerous decisions.

Riding a motorcycle can be such an exhilarating experience but if you aren’t careful, it can end very badly. Most motorcycle accidents aren’t even caused by the rider but they are the ones that end up with the most injuries. Stick to these five suggestions and you’ll be able to protect yourself much better. Letting your presence be known is one of the most important things you can do when you are riding a motorcycle. Don’t try to hide or zip in and out of cars. You’ll pay for it one day if you do.

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