I Don’t — Avoiding Messy Divorces

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Despite what you may have heard, one in two U.S. marriages don’t end in divorce. Although the reality isn’t as bad as you may have heard, it isn’t much better either. The real divorce rate for a first marriage in America is around 41%.

And remember, every year more than one million U.S. children will also go through their parents’ separation or divorce. A child custody attorney can help turn a painful situation into a win-win for everyone involved. And since the average divorce proceedings in the United States last for a full year, mothers and fathers need a child custody lawyer who can represent them for the long haul.

Divorce attorneys for men and women help file divorce papers and settle family disputes. And since one of the top five reasons for divorce include communication problems, a family law attorney might be exactly what both soon-to-be-ex-spouses need to start getting through to each other again.

Other major causes for serving divorce papers include adultery, financial issues, or just general lack or interest. While spouses separate all the time, usually for the best, few parents want to separate from their children, too. Because so many marriages end in divorce, it’s not hard to find a child custody attorney to mediate custody disputes.

In August of 2012, a University of Cincinnati study found that men were more likely to start drinking heavily during or after a lengthy divorce proceeding. Divorce attorneys for men can help fathers manage the stress that inevitably comes with separating from a loved one.

With the right advice and legal representation, a messy marriage doesn’t have to turn into a messier divorce. Divorce might lead to separation, but it also leaves both parties in good company. Know that many other couples have walked this road and come through to the other side much better off in the long run.

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