Knowing When to Get an Attorney Can Help You in the Long Run

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When your son went off to graduate school in California you never imagined that you would be needing legal representation to help protect yourself and your property. After a very successful undergraduate career, however, your son struggled in not only his marriage but his doctoral program in engineering. And after a series of very bad choices on his part, resulting from a serious alcoholic condition that you never knew existed, you now find yourself looking for legal representation to make sure that his mistakes do not cost you and your husband your house and other assets.
When you first found out that your oldest of three sons had a drinking problem you were very supportive. You allowed him to come back home and move in with you when his marriage ended. After 10 months, though, both you and your husband had lost patience. Your son was not working, and he had made no progress finishing his degree. The day that he brought a dog home from the local kennel was the last straw. The third time that the untrained pup had an accident you told him he had to. He left in anger, but came back with two friends on a weekend when you were gone. You had changed the locks on the house, but one of his friends broke a leg out by one of the barns. He is threatening to file a personal injury cases.
Your husband is furious, and you have decided to be proactive and talk to someone about getting legal representation.
Personal Injury Lawsuits and Workers Compensation Settlements Can be Difficult to Manage Without a Lawyer

The decision to find an attorney can be a scary one to make, but if you find yourself facing a workers compensation or personal injury case you are probably better off getting legal help. Because 74% of states require all employers to have workers’ comp coverage you may want to have your own attorney. Company attorneys are goin to look out for the business, so it is wise to have someone advising you.

In the case of a personal injury accident, it should come as no surprise that these settlements can be quite expensive. Working with an attorney, especially in the case of a brain injury, is advised. In fact, the Brain Injury Association of America estimates that more than 50,000 people die due to a traumatic brain injury every single year. And while some home owners policies may help cover an accident that happens on your property, it is always a good idea to find lawyers who can help you understand the implications of this kind of suit.
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