Taking A Much Closer Look Than Ever Before At Divorce In The United States

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Here in the United States, divorce is far from an uncommon thing – and something that becomes more and more likely with each subsequent marriage that your average person enters into. In fact, first marriages already have a more than 40% chance of ending in divorce. By the time that someone gets married for the second time, that possibility rises to more than 60%. A third marriage has a nearly 75% chance of ending in divorce, with fourth marriages even higher than that (and so on and so forth, though the vast majority of people really won’t make it to this point or much past it).

Aside from the number marriage that someone is on, there are an umber of other risk factors that have been identified as increasing the likelihood of divorce. For instance, one partner smoking while the other does not is a huge risk factor for divorce, increasing the odds of the marriage ending by as much as an astonishing 75%. In addition to this, communication problems and infidelity, as well as abuse, loss of interest, or even financial problems are all leading causes of divorce here in the United States.

And some of the things that people might consider to be risk factors are not – or at least are not any longer, though they might have been thought of as a risk factor for divorce once. For instance, it was once believed that a couple living together before actually getting married made it much more likely that the marriage would eventually end in divorce. Nowadays, however, it is known that living together before marriage doesn’t really increase the chance of eventual divorce – but it also doesn’t decrease this risk either.

No matter why a couple is seeking a divorce, however, the process is likely to be uncomfortable, emotionally and even physically taxing, and quite long. After all, the typical divorce will take as long as a full year before being finalized. And there are certainly a number of factors that can complicate any given divorce.

For instance, divorce for business owners can be quite tricky for even the best of divorce lawyers to navigate. A divorce for business owners will often likely mean dividing up the assets of the business itself, something that is certainly not an easy thing for a couple to do, though the guidance of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney can most certainly help. Divorce for business owners is likely to take longer than your typical divorce, though a divorce for business owners that goes through the process of mediation is likely to be much more easily – and peacefully, for that matter – resolved.

Aside from a divorce for business owners, a divorce between a couple that have had children can be equally as difficult (if not even more difficult than a divorce for business owners). Fortunately, family divorce lawyers are likely to be readily available, as divorces where children are involved are actually far more commonplace than many might realize. For such couples, mediation is also strongly recommended as it is in cases of divorce for business owners, especially when matters of child custody will need to be decided.

Deciding child custody matters can certainly become contentious, but it is something that needs to be done. The help of child custody lawyers can help make the path to finalizing child custody plans as smooth as can be. Such lawyers can even help to keep the case and the matter of child custody from needing to be decided by a judge, something that is likely to leave at least one party, one parent, wholly unsatisfied.

For many people, going through a divorce is one of the hardest things that they will ever do. Fortunately, competent divorce lawyers are more prevalent than ever before, and such lawyers can help to navigate all different kinds of divorces. From the uncontested divorce to the divorce with children to the divorce for business owners, such legal professionals can make a world of difference by the time that everything is said and done and the divorce is officially finalized.

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