The Importance Of Seeking Legal Counsel When Necessary

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Custody attorney

There are many different types of lawyers in the world – from a criminal defense law firm to a family law attorney, and it’s important to know who to contact in your moment of need. For example, in most cases a criminal defense law firm would not be the appropriate law firm to contact in order to initiate a divorce, but a criminal defense law firm would be ideal for someone who is charged with a crime (of course) or needs to defend themselves against a personal injury lawsuit. For the over 10 million people arrested in 2015 alone, a criminal defense law firm can help them to navigate the nature of their charges as well as figure out how to proceed with their lives in the wake of their crime.

A law firm is also necessary in cases of divorce, although a law firm that employs a practiced family law attorney is better suited to this type of legal case than a criminal defense law firm. As over 40% of all first marriages unfortunately end in divorce and statistics show that a new divorce is initiated nearly every thirty seconds, most family law attorneys have a good deal of experience and practice. Divorce can be a contentious and emotionally wrenching time, and a family law attorney can help to provide a neutral voice, working for the best outcome for their client without the detriment of becoming clouded by emotions. For couples that have children, having lawyers involved can make the process of determining custody much smoother and less fraught with stress and emotion.

Personal injury attorneys also serve a much needed job in our society. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of all personal injury cases, resulting in over 50% of the personal injury cases that happen in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents can often result in severe injury and even in death, and, in fact, they account for nearly 40% of all spinal cord injuries in the United States every single year. Drunk driving is one of the main causes of motor vehicle accidents, and shockingly someone is injured in a drunk driving related incident at least every two minutes. Semi trucks are also often involved in motor vehicle accidents, causing or becoming involved in half a million accidents every single year. These motor vehicle accidents involving trucks are often due to human error, both on behalf of the truck driver as well as the other person involved in the accident.

No matter what type of lawyer you need, from a truck accident attorney to a custody attorney, it’s important to seek legal counsel when necessary. For instance, a personal injury law firm can help you figure out if you are entitled compensation after an accident and can help you navigate the legal proceedings that follow.

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