Top 3 Places to Find Divorce Lawyers

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Although the end of a marriage can bring up immense feelings of sadness and guilt, it can also conjure up a wealth of pressing questions such as ‘My wife wants a divorce and I want to know – what are my rights?’ or ‘Which of the following statements is true of a separation?’ Yet, it must be said that without a qualified divorce attorney, you’ll probably never get the answers to the overwhelming concerns. These professionals are trained to deal with every step of the divorce process, so even if you’re considered to be the divorce plaintiff or are looking to adhere to a mutual separation, they will ensure that you have everything you need to defend yourself in court. Thus, you can focus on rebuilding your life as a single person without worrying too much about the pressures of your looming divorce.

As a result, this article will explain everything you need to know about finding an adequate divorce lawyer. This piece will also go into more detail about the signs of a good divorce lawyer and offer some crucial resources surrounding child custody and the division of assets.

Some marriages just aren’t meant to be. Your marriage is a legal agreement, and it’s wise to go through the process of separation and divorce using only the best professional advice. If you’re wondering when you should consult with divorce lawyers, we say as soon as you can. There are resources to help you, and we have a few places for you to start.

You are not alone! In the United States, just over 800,000 divorces occur each year. Here are three ways to find the best divorce lawyers as you go about ending your marriage.

Number #1

Ask around your close circle of family and friends for the names of some divorce lawyers. You don’t want to spread the word around too soon about your divorce. Confide in the fewest number of people you know who can be trusted.

If the recommendations given to you don’t make you feel confident, you can check out a professional directory. Let’s make it easy for you. How could you possibly find a lawyer yourself? The number of lawyers in the United States is over one and a quarter million! They aren’t all divorce lawyers, of course. That’s why we’ve done the research for you!

Number #2

The next resource we have for you is the American Bar Association website. Search for divorce lawyers near you using the
“”_blank”>Lawyer Referral Directory located on the American Bar Association website.

Once you begin interviewing divorce attorneys, make sure they have a firm grasp of local law! There will be a few laws specific to the state of Tennessee. Your attorney must first file your complaint, then a required gap of 60 to 90 days must pass before finalizing the divorce. Be sure you hire someone who knows the ins and outs of local laws in Tennessee. Search the” target=”_blank”> Tennessee Bar Association website in the find an attorney tab.

Number #3

Finally, if you have minor children and you want to share custody, then you need to come to an agreement based on the child custody laws for your state. Consider retaining a child custody lawyer if you think you may have difficulty working thing out with your soon to be former spouse.

If this is your situation we recommend visiting the website for the
= target=”_blank”>American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and click on the Lawyer Search tab for a list of qualified child custody attorneys in your area.

We hope this helps you start the process. Remember – always consult with professionals and ask for recommendations whenever possible. You’ll be able to walk through this with confidence.

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