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When it’s time to contract with car accident lawyers or a medical malpractice lawyer, the most important thing is to find one of the top law firms in the local area. Reviews are posted online, but often the lawyers themselves can update these sites instead of past clients.

What most potential clients prefer to do is to consult with trusted associates who have utilized local lawyers’ services, and then make a decision based on their positive or negative experiences.

The statistics on car accidents are startling: worldwide, over 1 million people die while driving each year — almost 40,000 people yearly in the US alone have their lives taken while on the highway or other roads — and more than half of those accidents happen to people who are under the age of 45.

What the statistics don’t mention are the survivors. An attorney for catastrophic injuries sustained during a car accident may be able to visit victims in the hospital, and at the very least should make a member of his or her staff available to the victim — by phone or in person — at any time of day, not just during business hours.

Another area of law where personal attention should be a top priority is in medical malpractice lawsuits. Two out of three complainants reported a mistake on the part of their doctors or health care professionals, and timing is urgent in these cases. Over 200,000 Americans die yearly from a mistake or poor professional decision on the part of a doctor, nurse, or nurse’s aide.

The top law firms
who deal with medical malpractice law may also be willing to have meetings with the victim in the hospital, and should sensitive enough to understand that people with severe injuries require higher levels of care and connection to their attorneys: time, in these cases, may be of the essence.

Top law firms take specialized care of clients who have sustained life-threatening injuries: rely on word of mouth and client-based internet review sites to make these important decisions after an unfortunate accident.

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