What Do I Do if I’ve Been in a Boat Accident?

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Boat accidents are very similar to car accidents in how they are handled by the law. Personal injury claims or property damage claims can still be filed against the negligent driver and there is still an insurance process to go through. The severity of the accident as well as the cause will likely determine whether legal action should be taken or not, or if it’s best to just let the insurance companies handle it. Below are some of the steps you should take if you’ve been in a boating accident.

Contact Local Authorities

If their is significant damage or an injury then you will want to contact local authorities right away. Sometimes if the accident is minor and both parties are relatively unharmed you may come to an agreement to let the situation go, but in order to have damage fixed by your insurance the authorities will have to be notified. Work with the other party to determine the severity of the situation and decide what step should be taken next.

Turn in an Insurance Claim/h3>
Once authorities have been contacted and the situation has been documented, you will need to turn in a claim to your insurance to have any needed repairs covered. They will use the police report and information from the other party’s insurance company to determine fault and let you know what kind of compensation you are entitled to.

Seek the Help of a Gainesville Lawyer

If there were severe damages involved in the accident or notable injuries then it might be smart to get a lawyer involved. You can find a boat accident attorney in your area by doing a localized search such as “Gainesville lawyer for boating accident” or “boat accident lawyer in Gainesville”. This is an important step whether you’re the one at fault or the one who was injured, even if it’s just to ask for advice so you can proceed in a knowledgeable manner.

The whole process is very similar to handling a car accident and once the authorities and insurance companies take over you can relax a bit. They will generally walk you through process and you can ask the many questions you have. Beyond that it is up to you if you choose if you want to hire a lawyer or not.

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