What Do Real-Life Private Detectives Do?

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Private investigation service

When most people think about licensed private investigators, Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic literary figure Sherlock Holmes immediately comes to mind. The less literary folk may think envision the hidden cameras, large vans, and cheating partners, fiances, and spouses in MTV’s reality TV show “Cheaters.” While fun to imagine, these depictions of private investigator firms simply are not accurate. What is the reality? What are the most likely reasons to hire a private investigator in real life?

Are You Hiring? Consider Private Investigator Firms

U.S. News reveals that at least 50% of Americans lie, exaggerate, and/or tell partial truths on their resumes. This can be especially problematic for large corporations. When and if the truth comes out, it can easily create a scandal and leave you with one less employee. (The Food Network, for example, cancelled a namesake show of celebrity chef Robert Irvine after it came out that he did not truly design Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding cake, as he had claimed.) Don’t let it come to that. Team up with private investigators during your hiring and screening process. Detective services have reliable and up-to-date software to quickly and accurately verify candidates’ backgrounds. They can also look further into applicants’ history and qualifications, if need be.

News Groups and Media Outlets Team Up With Detectives

News groups and the media often team up with investigators to dig up the truth before articles and news features go to press. When a British newspaper heard allegations that world-famous Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was writing using a pseudonym, for example, they teamed up with detectives to confirm the truth (or lack thereof) to that claim.

Very few private investigators tail cheating boyfriends and girlfriends with a hidden camera crew. Detectives are, however, relatively common place — and often work closely with large corporations and media groups. Visit here for more. Reference links.

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