What Is The Difference Between Workers Compensation, Disability Benefits And Social Security?

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The workforce is changing every day. Laws are being rewritten, rules are being adjusted and expectations are growing with a fluctuating economic landscape. One of the most important issues today is the issue of proper healthcare coverage and workplace safety regulations. Workers both part-time and full-time want to make sure they are properly covered in their day-to-day so they can better focus on their careers instead of worrying about sick leave and disability benefits. Even now a workers compensation settlement calculator is a prime tool of parsing and slicing all the particulars of covering each individual’s unique needs. Let’s take a look at common disability applications, different forms of healthcare and how a workers compensation settlement calculator can make these steps just a little bit easier.

Workers Compensation

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider for any career field. A worker becoming injured or sick will affect both the workforce and the business at large if not properly addressed. Studies have shown over 85% of workers compensation claims attributed to employees slipping on slick floors, which is nothing to say of additional hazards such as faulty electrical wiring, poor hand rails and improper ventilation. Over 20% of these slip and fall incidents resulted in more than a month away from work. A workers compensation settlement calculator is a prime tool for both figuring out the fallout of such an accident as well as the proper steps toward prevention and awareness.

Social Security

With a fluctuating economy comes benefits and insurance. One of the most frequently used answers to low income and disability are social security benefits. Nearly 65 million people received benefits from the Social Security Administration back in 2014, with over 60% of these beneficiaries receiving half of their income from the program. Additional studies have shown over half of all adult Social Security beneficiaries were women, with the average age around 54 years old as of recent years. These can cross over with disability benefits, as well, depending on the needs of the individual.

Disability Benefits

Every person has unique requirements in their day-to-day life that needs to be properly compensated in their workspace. Nearly 87% of Supplemental Security Income (also known as SSI) recipients received payments due to disability back in 2014 — these can include, but are not limited to, deafness, blindness, mental illness and chronic pain. Benefits allow any individual to continue living a comfortable life without worrying about the additional struggles their particular disability or illness causes them at any given point and time. A social security benefits attorney can assist those who are having a difficult time receiving the assistance they need from the state.

Finding The Proper Coverage

Whether it’s filing a disability application or seeking out workers compensation, knowing where to start looking is the first step toward progress. Over 70% of states require all businesses to have workers compensation — those who feel they are not being given their proper due can seek out social security advocacy services and file for an average workers compensation settlement. This can be deducted using a workers compensation settlement calculator, to better ensure that coverage is applied consistently and fairly. The average compensation for an employee who damaged one arm at work, for example, was nearly $170,000 back in 2015. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, seek out workers comp attorney and see what they can do for you.

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