When the American Dream Becomes a Nightmare, The Intricacies of Property Law Cases in California

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Personal property rights

As a homeowner (or renter), knowing your personal property rights can make a huge difference down the line. Unfortunately, some real estate companies and brokers may try to take advantage of unsuspecting and uneducated homeowners. While many people have pleasant home-buying experiences, educating yourself will serve as your first line of defense if things get complicated. When it comes to property law cases, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Contacting a lawyer may be necessary if you’re looking for help with:

  • Eviction/Foreclosure: Foreclosure is more common than most may think. If you are a homeowner who is facing foreclosure, you still maintain certain rights. You have the ability to bring your eviction to court and a decision will be made by a judge within 20 days after the filing.

    For renters who face eviction from a dwelling they’ve inhabited for longer than a year, California requires landlords to provide at least 60 days for a tenant to vacate the premises. If you feel you’ve been the victim of illegal action taken by your landlord, contacting a lawyer should be the first thing you do.
  • Dishonest Real Estate Agency or Landlord: Real estate agents are required by law to disclose certain information to perspective buyers. For instance, an agent must tell a buyer about any death that has occurred on the property within the last three years. If you feel like you’ve been wronged by an agency or landlord, contacting a real estate attorney can help put your mind at ease.

  • Business Property Law: When it comes to the role of property law in business, things can get murky. There are many intricacies surrounding business property law. It’s important to get the advice and support of a real estate attorney if you have any hesitations or qualms about your current situation. Whether a landlord is doing questionable things or you have questions about your rights as a business owner, a property law lawyer can help.
  • Property law cases can be complicated and diluted, depending on the circumstances. While it may seem like a lot to undertake, contacting an attorney is the smartest move one can make while dealing with an infringement of personal property rights.

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