Why Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

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Nearly 475,000 crashes that were police-reported in 2016 involved large trucks. That’s 0.8% stated as fatal crashes with 22% reported as crashes with injuries. When a truck, also known as a big rig, and a vehicle are involved in crashes, the vehicles tend to receive the worst of the damage with drivers either sustaining serious injuries or even the loss of life. Often negligence is involved with a rig owner contributing to said crash. If you have been involved in this type of crash you need a truck accident lawyer.

Obtaining a truck accident lawyer is crucial when it comes to finding facts and winning settlements. There are many reasons why a truck accident could occur including driver fatigue, jackknifing, not meeting requirements such as minimum trailer length, overloaded trucks and much more. Essentially, semi-truck accident cases require the legal attention only a truck accident lawyer can provide.

Why Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

When you consider that an 80,000-pound semi-truck and a 4,000-pound vehicle are involved in a truck accident, the outcome rarely ever is good for the driver of the auto. There may even be multiple crashes involved along with multiple injuries. Factor in high speed and injuries and casualty numbers only rise. Although accidents happen at any speed, they tend to happen more often with semi-trucks since they have to maneuver using limited space. Making wide-turns causes more trucks to come into contact with autos trying to safely pass.

The Risk of Crashing Increases with Tractor Trailers

Big rig drives tend to not be able to see directly behind themselves or have very limited vision when it comes to the right flank. Drivers should always be cautious about passing a big rig on the right for this precise reason. It also takes a fully-loaded 18-wheeled big rig the entire length of a football field to completely stop. An elevated vantage point is helpful, just not when behind another semi. There are many factors that can contribute to the scene of a truck accident and they all require investigation by a truck accident lawyer when it comes to negligence or misconduct.

Semi-Truck Collisions Are Serious

There are many accident scenarios when it comes to cars and semi-trucks. When it comes to collisions, a tractor trailer is more likely, by at least three times, to be hit from behind. The truck itself is only minimally damaged due to steel protection that is heavy-duty. However, a car does not fare as well. It all depends on the speed when it comes to impact and whether a vehicle is absolutely demolished. Put this type of collision in reverse and the outcome is bleak.

The Dangerous Semi-Sandwich

Cars that are stuck between two semis are called a semi-sandwich. This situation is extremely dangerous. Accidents happen with a truck moves to the right and does not see the car and pushes it directly into the semi-trailer on the right. This can cause a trailer to driver over a car and crush it while over-turning the trailer. This type of accident tends to happen on Florida interstate highways with heavy traffic flow in urban areas.

The Loss of Big Rig Tires Is Serious

Tire loss for a car can be treacherous but is noticeable. When a semi-trailer loses a tire that weighs hundreds of pounds, truck drivers can actually be unaware. A runaway tire can cause a very serious accident, especially when said rogue tire strikes a speeding car on a highway. You may have noticed tire treads on the side of the road. This is another problem for auto drivers. When separate tire treads become airborne, they can crash through windshields and cause significant damage if not death.

Get the Facts Sorted by an Expert Attorney

You need a Florida truck accident attorney to sort the facts out after being involved in a truck accident. They have the investigative experience to accurately determine truck accident causes. Put their legal expertise to work for you or your loved ones involved with trucking negligence.

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