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Your loved one said goodbye, got in their vehicle, and headed out to work – only to never return home due to the recklessness of another party. This is, unfortunately, the sad reality for thousands of people every year across the United States. Many individuals wonder where they can turn and find that they have the ability to move forward with wrongful death cases to compensate on behalf of their loved ones.

The Reality of People Losing Their Lives in Accidents

The loss of a loved one might be one of the challenging things that a family will face and comes completely unexpectedly. Every year on our roads, thousands of lives are lost at the hands of negligent parties and many more will be hospitalized with serious injuries. In fact, in just a year’s time, it is reported that 3 million people receive injuries in accidents that take place on U.S. roads.

Many more people than ever before gain their licenses and start operating vehicles on our roads, contributing to the amount of people who lose their lives. In 2016, more motorists in the U.S. over age 16 spent an average of 50 minutes on our roads every day. When negligence or misconduct leads to an accident and a loved one is taken from you, you have a right to file a wrongful death suit that can help you receive compensation for a variety of aspects such as lost wages, medical bills incurred by your loved one, funeral costs, emotional suffering by the family, loss of consortium, and more.

You may be feeling scared about bringing your wrongful death claim as you might have heard that wrongful death cases are complex matters where deadlines are strict and many laws must be abided by. Though this is true, your stress can be greatly lessened with the help of an experienced attorney on your side who has handled a variety of cases like these in the past. You should note that around 96% of personal injury cases, including wrongful death cases, are settled before they even make it to trial.

If you have lost a loved one, we understand how emotionally draining this can be. Invest in the help of a wrongful death attorney who will stand by your side to help you cover finances and get through this difficult time.

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