You’re Divorcing Is a Family Mediation Service for You?

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One of the most basic facts of life is that change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same in life. To live is a fluid process, with change occurring on a regular basis. All through our lives we are changing every day–physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally.

And sometimes, change manifests itself in the transformation of one situation into another one. A situation that had been positive, constructive, turns into a situation that is not quite as positive. For instance, when a situation changes in a workplace, such as a new owner taking over a company, it is often time for mediation between employees and employers.

In these instances where change has occurred, sometimes it is possible to mediate and remedy the situation. However, other times it is unnatural to maintain the relationship. It is time to let the relationship go and develop on a newer course.

This occurs many times in relation to the family structure. And when change, which as we have said is a natural part of life, effects the family structure and the family has to be redefined and reorganized, it is of great benefit to all to use the professional expertise of a family mediation service.

Divorce is a primary reason for utilizing the expertise of a family mediation service. researchers have concluded that marriages have only about a 50% chance of succeeding (and by succeeding we mean lasting). In addition, most children remain with the mother of the family–quite a large majority of children, totaling 75% in all.

Obtaining a divorce in the United States is extremely expensive. A family mediation service is of assistance when couples are divorcing and facing the astronomical fees of a divorce lawyer. It can cost from $15,000 to $42,000 for a divorce. Helping with the divorce mediation process is one aspect of the family mediation service. In the process of family mediation, both individuals in a couple are willing to negotiate an agreement. They discuss and agree on the terms of the arrangement. If children are involved they will discuss visitation and support payments.

Divorcing your spouse, or divorcing your significant other is never an easy time in anyone’s life; a divorce is a very traumatic, stressful and expensive emotional experience. You may prefer a divorce attorney, but having the option to use a family mediation service is of great benefit as it aims to reach an acceptable solution for everyone involved.

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