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Being involved in any car accident, even a fender bender, will very often warrant the services of car accident attorneys. Every day, somewhere, someone experiences an incident in their vehicle, whether it involves any other type of vehicle or not. One very substantial reason for this is the fact that in the U.S., at any given moment, there could be around 660,000 people texting, or using another electronic mechanism, while they are driving. Attempting to operate any device while driving will increase the chances of an accident three times.

Another very common cause of many accidents is the number of people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle while they are drunk. The number of people estimated to be driving drunk every day is approximately 300,000; however, only about 4,000 are actually pulled over and arrested. In fact, the average number of times that a person has driven drunk before being arrested for the offense is 80. In all of these cases, regardless of the cause of the accident, the services of car accident attorneys, or some type of personal injury attorney, are called upon.

In many cases the car accident attorneys hired for a case will be part of the same firm that can be retained for the services of a personal injury attorney. Regardless, it is always recommended that when a person is involved in some type of accident, whether a car accident, an accident in the workplace, or an accident on someone else’s property, a claim should be filed immediately. The claimant may not even know yet the extent of their injuries; however, accident lawyers should be called and consulted as soon as possible. Statistics show that 85% of accidents in the workplace that warrant a worker’s compensation claim are caused by slipping and falling on wet or slick floors. 22% of these accidents will cause injuries that often force the employee to be out of work for at least 31 days or more.

95% to 96% of personal injury cases will be settled before they have a chance to go to trial. In spite of that percentage, an attorney should be brought in for consultation before any decisions are made. Most of the time, it will be the attorney who will know how to negotiate the settlement so that his or her client will receive the award they are entitled to. The lawyers do the research and paperwork necessary to file a personal injury claim, or any claim for that matter. Attorneys are educated and trained to know and understand the steps that need to be taken in order for the client to be fairly dealt with in court. They will handle the phone calls and the leg work, they will be at every appearance even if the client is not required to be present.

In a personal injury lawsuit, a client may be entitled to a cash settlement, worker’s compensation, and possibly some type of reimbursement for medical bills. More.

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