3 Important Things All Inventors Should Know Before Getting Their Intellectual Property Patented

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The term intellectual property applies to inventions and creations of all sorts. While it may not seem necessary to have every single product, service, or artistic work created, the truth is that infringement — or theft — can occur more easily than most people think.

Why is intellectual property patenting so necessary? Every inventor should know these three important facts about protecting their intellectual property:

    1. Intellectual property patenting is more necessary than you may think it is. An estimated 25% of internet traffic is thought to be used to consume infringed content, and while that many not affect patent holders, it could. Counterfeit products are sold online with little regulation, and it’s possible for companies to take the ideas of inventors if their products are sold online. Having a patent on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office is the best way to protect an invention from potential infringement.

    2. Going through all of the patent process steps takes time. Although the United States Patent and Trademark Office does get through every single patent, it can take some time. While the actual time to get a patent can vary depending on the filing date and invention, it can often take between one and two years to secure a patent.

    3. Working with an intellectual property rights lawyer can make patenting easier. Because the patent process is a long but necessary one, getting intellectual property patented with the help of a lawyer can make things easier. An attorney can help explain the process to you and keep you updated on what you need to know. In the event that you do become a victim of intellectual property theft, your firm may also serve as patent litigation attorneys for your dispute.

Have more questions about the patent process? Leave a comment, and make sure to speak to a patent lawyer if you have any questions. Read more here.

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