3 Reasons To Think About Hiring An Attorney For Traffic Tickets

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You can’t get it out of your head. Being pulled over, arguing with the police officer, getting that ticket–and all for something you KNOW was trumped up charge. The ticket is due soon, and it’s sitting on your desk, but you just can’t bring yourself to pay it. You keep running the situation over in your mind, knowing you were right, but having no way of vindicating yourself…
Well, not exactly. Little did you know, that hiring an attorney for traffic tickets you feel were unjust is a common occurrence nowadays. You might want to consider hiring an attorney for traffic tickets that involve any of the following infractions:
1.Red Light Violations
To be sure, running a red light is a serious offense. In 2012, red light runs were responsible for the injury of over 133,000 people, and nearly every driver polled deemed running a red light a safety risk. That being said, getting the red light camera ticket in the mail filled you with indescribable chagrin–because you know that light was green! If you want to know more about how to beat your ticket or if it’s even possible with the photo evidence, consult with an attorney for traffic tickets ASAP.
Probably one of the most commonly challenged tickets is the speeding ticket. Speeding is definitely a problem in the U.S., contributing to nearly 30% of driving related deaths in 2013. That being said, we’ve all seen the state troopers pulled over with their speed tickers on the highway, just waiting for one car to leave the rat pack so they can meet their monthly quota. If you feel you were given a trumped up speeding ticket, a speeding ticket attorney may be able to prove your intuition based on your car, the average speed on the highway, and other factors we don’t typically think of.
3. Misdemeanor Traffic Offenses
Sometimes you just get that cop who won’t cut you a break. You looked into their eyes, they looked into yours, and it was disdain at first site, and suddenly you’ve got a $200 ticket for a bad parking job. An attorney for traffic tickets will be able to review tickets like these and help you figure out if you have a valid case for pleading them down. Often in the case of a misdemeanor offense the court will plead it down just to speed along the day, so this really is a case where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease!
Please comment below with any good attorney recommendations. Give these tireless traffic monitors their due!

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