Can a Securiteis Lawyer Help You?

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The world of financial markets and investing is a complex one, with its many rules and regulations. It’s not an easy one to understand or master and most people are just content to entrust their money to a competent financial advisor. Unfortunately, given the huge sums involved, financial advisors sometimes betray their trust, leading to losses. At times like this, a securities fraud lawyer can help you figure out what your options are and how the situation may be mitigated.

Securities fraud: a contemporary problem

Not only are financial markets and investing highly complicated, they are also at the present time in a state of flux. Some types of activities and failings like fraud, churning, unsuitability, and/or negligence by financial advisors can cause great loss and hardship.

A look at the numbers will give some idea of the amounts involved. There were 26,823 securities brokerage firms in the United States in 2015. Their total payroll in 2015 was $63 billion. In 2014, the number of securities and commodities fraud cases pending was 1,639.

Securities fraud is defined as a deceptive practice involving false information regarding stock or commodities market that might cause investors to make decisions on purchase and sale that result in losses. Such activities are also known as stock fraud or investment fraud and are violations of securities laws.

How can a securities fraud lawyer help you?

A securities fraud attorney can help you bring claims against a financial advisor for securities fraud. Such claims are mostly arbitrated by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (?FINRA?) panels. A securities fraud lawyer can help you to present your case before one of these panels. By making the strongest arguments in your favor, they can help you gain the settlement that is best suited to your interests.

A business attorney can also help with other types of fraud and harm cases, such as probate litigation and maritime injury.

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