Child Custody, Legal Separation And Child Support How A Family Lawyer Can Help You

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Are you seeking out legal seperation? The first step you should take is to ask for the advice of a divorce attorney or a custody lawyer. Legal seperation can be a difficult process for some, involving child custody and the allocation of resources on top of the paperwork required to make a divorce official. With legal assistance you can avoid confusion and head straight toward the result you’re seeking. Below is a simple overview of divorce in America and the frequent issues facing individuals, children and families alike.

How Common Is Divorce?

Divorce is becoming more of a common occurrence in the United States. This has caused many family law firms to expand their branch to better meet the demand of individuals and families who require legal seperation advice and child custody resources. Almost 60% of second marriages will end in a divorce and studies have shown women initiate almost 80% of divorces no matter the age. Although divorce and marriage rates are fluctuating, it’s still expected 42% of American marriages will eventually end in divorce.

Why Does Divorce Happen?

When it comes to divorce, anywhere from 20% to 25% of mediation groups say an affair was the reason. Another 80% or so mention the deterioration of intimacy. An ongoing study shows couples who ‘disagree about finances once per week’ are nearly 30% more likely to get divorced than couples who report disagreeing about finances a few times per month.

How Common Is Child Custody?

One of the most frequent struggles facing individuals seeking out legal seperation is that of child custody and child support. The year 2012 saw 26% of all custodial parents seeking out government assistance collecting child support, with nearly 11% of custody cases decided during mediation. Overall, over $100 billion are owed in unpaid child support and this number is expected to coincide with the increasing rate of divorce.

How Can I Seek Out Child Custody?

There are multiple ways to obtain child custody or child support through the aid of a lawyer or legal separation firm. A 2013 report found nearly 90% of all child support agreements handled formally, established either through a court or a government agency. It’s not recommended you try to confront this issue on your own, as there are legal issues you can potentially fumble without a professional eye.

Where Can I Get Started?

Whether it’s legal separation or seeking out advice, asking for the assistance of a family lawyer will go a long way. A legal professional is well-versed in the situations revolving around divorce and child custody, providing you a simple way of addressing each issue in turn and reaching a satisfying conclusion. These actions include, but are not limited to, legal papers, consultation, the allocation of resources, financial determination and custody hearings. Contact a law firm today and see how they can help you get started.

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