Hiring an AttorneyWhat You Need to Know

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In the world of lawyers there is one for almost any need an individual could possibly have. There is the theft lawyer, the domestic violence attorney, the drunk driving attorney, the assault attorney, and any number of others that are trained and available for a multitude of different legal reasons. Something to remember, however, is that, for whatever the reason his or her services are needed, a highly respected lawyer is a good recommendation.

Unfortunately, in today’s society there are more and more people who find themselves in need of legal counsel. Unless a caring attorney is recommended by a friend or family member, a lawyer whose practice is well known by a trusted individual, it is often difficult to search out an attorney that the client will feel a connection of trust with right off the bat. In a case that could bring about jail time for the client, he or she will want to know that they have a lawyer who will intercede on their behalf and present the strongest case possible in their defense.

Each year in the United States approximately 10,000 people are the victims of wrongful conviction of a serious crime. In those cases it is extremely difficult to have that conviction overturned. To say the very least, it is imperative that an attorney is retained who has not only the training and experience for such a case, but he or she needs to be a caring lawyer with a passion for the wrongly convicted. There needs to be an element of humaneness in the attorney’s heart that drives them to go above and beyond normal channels in order to win that case for their client.

In cases where a murder has been committed, there are usually two categories of defense. The first and foremost is the claim of innocence on the part of the defendant, and next is the recognition that the defendant, in fact, did commit the crime; however, it was not first degree murder. The use of DNA testing in recent years has enabled tremendous strides to be taken in the defense and exoneration of the innocent, and in bringing about a quicker disclosure of those actually guilty of the crime in question.

The process of hiring an attorney for whatever the case is usually best if certain steps are followed from the beginning. In cases of theft, for example, the client would want the best theft lawyer available to be his or her defense. Retaining an experienced theft lawyer would begin with the client, or the client’s family, researching lawyers who are trained and experienced at defending clients who have this type of conviction. A good theft lawyer will have some successful cases under his or her belt that are available for the client’s review. One of the first topics discussed, before the case is even considered at any length, would be the lawyer’s fee. Many attorneys will offer a free consultation; however, if the client decides to retain that lawyer, certain fees will be due at certain specified points as the case moves forward. In addition, many lawyers do charge an hourly rate which should be understood by the client at the onset.

There are cases where a client is not sure that the retention of an attorney is necessary. Many people will choose to speak in their own defense rather than pay a lawyer to do what they feel they can do themselves. There are several reasons why hiring a lawyer is probably a better idea than an individual attempting to navigate through a court case on their own. Because the law in itself is a complicated entity, someone who is trained and experienced will have a better sense of direction when it comes to how the case should be handled. Attorneys are adept at filing documents with the court, they know how to handle evidence, and they know how and when to offer a plea bargain or settlement. Lawyers also understand the legal jargon that is bantered about in a courtroom. Knowing these points would probably change anyone’s mind about being their own representation in a court case. A trained, experienced attorney is a much better idea!

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