4 Things to Look for in a Lawyer

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If you are looking to hire real estate lawyers or some other kind of attorney, there are several things that you need to keep out for. There are many different types of lawyers so you’ll need to do your research to find out what type you need. You will be able to have a free consultation with each law firm that you are considering to make sure that you want to hire them before you pay them anything. It’s an interview for both of you. You tell them you situation, whether it’s about property of a passed loved one to an estate lawyer or some other situation entirely. As they listen to your issue, they will be able to decide if they think you have a case and if they want to take it or not. Here are a few things that you can look out for during that initial consultation.

A Listening Ear
A good lawyer will listen to you intently. If a lawyer is constantly interrupting you, trying to finish your story for you or seems distracted, then they may not be the best option for you. Even more, if the law firm sends you a paralegal or legal aid to meet with you instead of a lawyer, you can assume that they are not interested in your problem enough to make a priority out of it. Also, see how they react when you are giving them important information. Do they take notes? Are they looking into your eyes? Or are they on their phone? Or asking for coffee? Or otherwise obviously not listening? This is your first warning sign.

A Specific Understanding
You shouldn’t have to explain the background of your story. For example, if you are talking to an estate lawyer then you should have to explain how the buying and selling of property works. If that happens, leave. You know for sure that the lawyer you are speaking with is not going to be able to help you. You can’t be doing their research for them, especially if this is supposed to be their area of expertise. They should already know the background for the type of thing that you are dealing with. Your story should merely be the details that are specific to your situation.

An Experienced Background
When a lawyer has dealt with many situations that are similar to yours then they will have a better handle on how to deal with certain aspects of the problem. They’ll know the right paper work to file, which judges are better to talk to, what kind of jury that you are going to need. It’s important to know these little details because they can really be what makes a difference in your case. You can be sure that the opposing party is going to be finding every loophole possible in order to debunk your case. You need as many people on your side as possible.

Several Wins
Don’t be afraid to ask how many cases like yours that the lawyer has won compared to how many cases they have handled. An 100% win streak should be looked into because it’s almost impossible to win every single case unless they have only handled one or two. However, if they have handled a lot of cases that are very similar to yours and have won every single one, then look into it. These should be public record. If it’s true, hire them! However, if they embellish the story, cross them off your list. Look for someone with an 80% winning average.

Estate lawyers, DUI lawyers, family lawyers; whatever you need is available. There is a different type of lawyer or attorney for every single lawsuit that you may need to file. However, the things that you want to look out for, listed above, are the same for every attorney that you will encounter. The biggest that you need in a lawyer is the ability to trust them. Everything else is important but even if they have all of the other things and you cannot trust them, then you’ll be at a loss when it comes to your day in court. Take notes, think carefully and watch intently during the interviews before you make your final decision.

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