Here’s Why You Need Workers Comp Attorneys and How to Find the Right One

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On top of the everyday challenges of life, working a full time job can be challenging, especially if you work in an industry or environment that comes with inherent hazards. Getting hurt on the job can make the challenge of maintaining a full time job even more taxing, and can set in a motion a number of financial, legal, and even emotional difficulties.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, it’s important to know your rights as an employee. Even if you have yet to experience a work injury, having an understanding of your rights can help you to better navigate the situation should it ever occur. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Seek medical treatment immediately

if you’ve been hurt on the job, it’s important to seek medical attention and to notify your supervise immediately. Be sure to let the attending physician known that you sustained a workplace injury. Many states have a statute of limitations for workers compensation claims which require injured claimants to receive appropriate medical attention within a short period of time following their workplace injury. During this time it’s important to document any communication with your employer, especially any phone or face-to-face conversations.

Is it always necessary to hire workers comp attorneys?

There are a very, very small number of instances in which workers compensation claimants can successfully file their claim without the assistance of workers comp attorneys. In these cases, there are little to no complications such as an outstanding condition, and employer willfully admits the injury took place at work. Bear in mind however, that it’s always best to file a worker’s compensation claim with the legal experience of workers compensation attorneys.

Aren’t workers comp lawyers expensive?

With mounting medical bills, you may feel as though you can’t afford to work with workers comp attorneys. This sentiment is understandable, however it’s important to understand that in reality, you can’t afford not not to retain a workers comp lawyer. In their haste to put the matter behind them, many workers compensation claimants make the mistake of settling for an amount far less than what they actually deserve. During the initial consultation, you can discuss how you will be billed and address any financial concerns you may have.

What is the best way to find reputable workers comp attorneys?

It may seem hard to belief that word of mouth is a viable way to connect with workers comp attorneys given the popularity of online search engines and social media, but many attorneys rely heavily on client referrals. When searching for potential workers comp attorneys, ask family, friends, and other members in social network if they can provide any personal recommendations. You feel more comfortable and at ease working with a workers comp attorney that successfully represented someone you know and trust.

Be sure to browse your state’s Bar Association directory once you have a list of potential workers comp attorneys narrowed down in order to gain a better understanding of their record. Once your list has narrowed even further and you begin scheduling initial consultations with workers comp attorneys, it’s important to arrive with a list of questions and concerns prepared. How the lawyer responds to your questions and concerns will help you make your final decision.

Before retaining a workers compensation lawyer, be sure you have a thorough understanding of how you will be billed. Most workers compensation attorneys are paid from a percentage of the amount you recover in your claim, which means you do not pay anything out of pocket.

Sustaining a workplace injury can be challenging, if not downright traumatic at times. Working with a workers compensation attorney can help you receive the compensation and justice you deserve. With so much at stake, why take an unnecessary risk when it comes to your personal and financial health when filing a workers compensation claim without an attorney?

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