How Not to Drive Drunk

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Traffic infractions

Driving under the influence is not a joke. About 63% of people will most likely be in a drunk driving accident at some point in their lives, and drunk driving in total costs the U.S. about $199 billion every single year. It can, however, be hard to stop. Indeed, 29% of convicted drunk drivers are actually repeat offenders. Avoid the headache and possible injury and death of drunk driving by simply not doing it:

Have a Designated Driver
This may seem like an obvious solution, but in fact, many people simply do not think ahead to this option. Make sure that at least if you don’t have a designated driver that someone knows where you are at home. You’ll thank them when you are meeting up with them for coffee instead of a traffic ticket lawyer.

Budget for a Cab
Don’t go out unless you know for certain that you have allotted the proper funds to take a cab home, even if it means you do it alone. The infrastructure of our country has unfortunately meant that sometimes, you need to be transported to a bar by vehicle. Plan ahead.

Start (and end) Early
Staying out late is pretty overrated, what with the hangover the next day and the lack of sleep. Why not get just as drunk, but several hours earlier so that you are able to walk or take public transportation home, instead of driving or relying on someone else to drive. And, you’ll probably even save a ton of money by cashing in on specials and happy hours very early on in the evening.

Most importantly, trust your gut. If you have even a small inkling that you aren’t good to drive, or that someone else isn’t, simply do not get into the car. DUI’s will only cause you and the people you know a headache — from fees for DUI attorney, to the harm that a DUI charge will do to your license and record. A traffic ticket lawyer won’t be able to get you out of this one, and you’ll have to live with those repercussions for a long, long time.

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