How to Resolve a Dispute During Construction

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Statistics show that the United States has the second largest construction market in the entire world. You hope that everything goes smoothly with a new construction project. Unfortunately, a project can run into issues that you didn’t see coming. It’s nearly impossible to rest assured that you’ve hired the right contractor. If you are currently disputing a current project, it’s best to have a construction lawyer on your side. Here are three steps to take should problems arise during a construction project.

  1. Save Everything Related to Project

    It’s best to begin saving all instances of communication with a contractor. Consider placing a folder on both your computer and mobile device for storing evidence relating to conversations. You’ll want to save anything pertaining to the project at hand, no matter how insignificant. For instance, a sneaky contractor may try to adjust the price on you after construction has begun. Keeping documents of original offers goes a long way in winning cases.
  2. Let a Contractor Know About a Problem Fast

    You won’t want to wait when bringing up a problem during construction. Waiting too long with a bad contractor could mean getting ripped off in a big way. You might think it’s best to simply let the contractor go. However, firing a contractor too early could put you in breach of contract. It’s common for contracts to be brought up during construction litigation. In some cases, a contractor has the right to redo the work before the agreement can be legally terminated.
  3. Begin a Legal Claim Against the Contractor

    If you are unable to resolve the matter with a contractor, you have no choice but to take legal action. Construction litigation often becomes complicated without the aid of an attorney. A construction attorney is beneficial to hire during a project dispute. These professionals will delve deeply into construction laws directly related to your case. Many construction claims are won with the help of these legal professionals. One common way to win a dispute is proving a breach of contract. This type of legal breach must be proven in comparison to what was on the contract.

In closing, there are several steps to take during a dispute with a contractor. An important preventative measure to take is to save all forms of communication during a construction project. Keeping emails, texts, messages, and documents helps ensure you have plenty of documented proof. If you have problems with changes during a project, let the contractor know right away. In some cases, a construction dispute quickly becomes heated. You’ll want to hire someone specializing in construction litigation to begin a legal claim. Many people hire construction lawyers to assist them in fully resolving contractor disputes.

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