Social Media Posts Continue to Track Opinions About Local Police Authorities and Protests

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Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer

The post by a friend of a friend was more than you could bear: “I am perplexed why black parents have to have the talk with their children about always doing what a police officer tells them. My parents did not need to have this talk with me. I was raised to respect authority and did not have to be told how to treat an officer who pulled me over. This is a no-brainer to me. I am now 60 years old and cannot imagine not doing what a law enforcement officer tells me to do.
although the social media post was carefully written, it still angered you. The fact that a white person in the midwest could not relate was not the least bit surprising to you. You have lived your life dealing with the realities of questionable police stops and fear of excessive force if you did not react carefully and respectfully. And now that your son has been the victim of a traffic infraction that resulted in the police using excessive force, you find that you have no tolerance for inane comments from uninformed people half way across the country.
When Is It Necessary to Contact an Attorney Who Deals with Excessive Force Arrests?
The decision to contact a police misconduct attorney is a decision that may be better to make sooner rather than later. Without proper legal advice, someone who feels that he or she has been the victim of excessive force during an arrest or questioning situation may become even more frustrated. Unchecked frustration, obviously, will not help any victim. Finding a police brutality lawyer may help families more successfully deal with their frustration.
In many cases, an excessive force attorney is willing to meet with a client for no cost. After an initial interview and question and answer session, the lawyer can tell the client if it appears there is a case. The potential client then can decide if he or she wants to work with the attorney. In some cases, it is possible that even taking the time to select a private attorney will send a strong signal to the local authorities.
It may no t come as any surprise that the number of personal injury or tort trials comprised nearly 60% of the total of 26,948 tort, contract and real property trials nationwide in the year 2005. And while not all of those personal injury cases are the result of unfortunate or dangerous accounts with law enforcement officials, the results of the entire group of these cases reveal an interesting trend. Most specifically, only 4% to 5% of those personal injury cases of to trial in the U.S. the remaining 95% to 96% are settled before a trial. It is possible that involving legal representation helped keep these trials out of court or from being ignored.
Today’s newspapers and television news channels are filled with disturbing news stories. And while some citizens of the U.S. can understand the danger and fear that some members of this country feel, others are completely unaware. Whether you are surrounded by understanding friends and co-workers who support you or you find yourself battling to get other people to understand your frustration, it is possible that seeking legal advice is a step in the right direction.
It is difficult to predict how the latest police arrest incidents will play out. Although there are a growing number of people who are demanding that all police office representatives be held accountable for recorded actions, others feel that these same officers should be given the authority that they need to use as they see for. If you, or someone you love has been caught in the middle of a personal injury that is the result of an arrest, you may be tired of hearing the national debate. Instead, you simply want someone to meet with you and help you decide if you may have a police brutality case. Instead of scouring social media for posts that support how you are feeling, it may be time to seek the advice of a legal representative. Just because not everyone understands your frustration, does not mean that you do not have a case.

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