Taking A Closer Look At Divorce In The United States

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From divorce for business owners to divorce for long term couples, divorce of all kinds is commonplace throughout the United States. Divorce is so common, in fact, that up to half of all people who have been married will ultimately seek out a divorce, with first marriages typically ending around eight years after their start. Even divorce among older couples is on the rise, more than doubling over the course of the last 20 years or so.

There are many reasons for a marriage ending in divorce. For example, marriage is likely to end in a divorce if it is not a first marriage. According to the data gathered on the subject, even second marriages have a divorce rate that is quite high. And third marriages actually end up in divorce nearly three quarters of the time (around 73%, to be just a little bit more specific). Differing lifestyles can also lead to divorce, with the likelihood of divorce increasing by as much as 75% when one partner smokes – but the other does not.

Common reasons for divorce also include communication problems. When a couple has issues effectively communicating with one another, it is all too likely that they will struggle to resolve a number of different issues. And financial problems can also put a strain on a marriage, leading to divorce. Betrayal of any kind, largely revolving around infidelity, can quickly create the path towards divorce, as can, sadly, a simple loss of interest. In short, there is no one reason that a marriage will end (or succeed). Some couples thrive when facing challenges. Others, unfortunately, do not.

The process of getting a divorce can be a complicated one. This will only be heightened when the divorcing couple are having issues agreeing on the terms of the divorce. This failure to line up can lead to the divorce process being prolonged quite considerably, taking months to play out. In some cases, the process of getting a divorce can even last for over an entire year. Divorce for business owners can be even longer, as divorce for business owners will mean dividing up assets to an even larger degree. Divorce for people with children, much like divorce for business owners, can also become contentious, namely when the divorcing couple does not agree on a custody arrangement.

Fortunately, hiring a divorce lawyer can be beneficial in the process of divorce for business owners as well as divorce for people with children. Getting a divorce with children is something that must be handled carefully. Sadly, children can suffer greatly from their parents having a contentious divorce long into their adult lives, long past the point that you might think that they are impacted. In fact, the data that has been gathered on the subject is clear in this regard. This data shows that kids with divorced parents are actually only half as likely to graduate from high school than children whose parents have remained together. As a result, they are also less likely to attend college.

Fortunately, specialty family lawyers can help parents go through their divorce with as little harm done to their children as is possible. If you need a custody evaluation or mediation for child custody, family divorce lawyers can help. Child custody can be a hugely difficult thing to negotiate, especially when the divorce in question is a contentious one. Custody evaluation help will be particularly important, as a good custody evaluation can help you to get the best possible outcome for the case in question as is possible.

And from a divorce for business owners to a divorce for physicians to a divorce for any profession that makes getting divorced harder, lawyers like hte above serve as a valuable resource. Such lawyers can even be effectively utilized in cases of uncontested divorce. Just having a legal professional on your team can make a considerable difference, one that allows you to understand the process of your divorce – and your rights, for that matter – more than what would have otherwise been possible. Ultimately, getting a divorce is almost always going to be a difficult and painful process. Having the right legal team on hand can help.

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