The Top Three Things You Might Not Know About the Injury Attorney Field

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You may think personal injury lawyers’ jobs are pretty straightforward, but there are some elements you may not be aware of. Here are three things you probably wouldn’t expect about personal injury cases:

1. More People Are Hurt Each Year Than You’d Think

When you think about how many people in the United States actually become injured, you’d think the country just had bad luck. According to the National Center for Healthcare Statistics, thirty one million injuries occur to individuals each year in the United States and require some amount of medical care. Of those injuries, two million of them actually require hospitalization. You may think that with how large these numbers are, there would be a lot of injury attorneys being hired. You’re right, but not for why you’d think…

2. Most Personal Injury Cases Take Place in Those Very Same Hospitals

Almost a fifth of these personal injury cases trade back to those same hospitals that are treating folk. Medical malpractice is a larger issue than you’d expect. These accident injury lawyers may not have expected it when they got into the job, but many injuries lawyers address involve the hospitals. While they involve accident injury attorneys, what they don’t involve, actually, is judges, because…

3. Hardly Any Personal Injury Cases Actually Go to Court

Most personal injury cases are settled out of court. People know there is a clear and present winner going into a personal injury cases, due to a lack of or a prevalence of evidence, so they try to avoid publicity for it. After all, a lot of press coverage at a malpractice hearing could hurt a doctor’s career, so they pay the injured party beforehand. How do you feel about personal injury attorneys? See this reference for more:

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