Three of the Most Common Types of Staged Auto Accidents

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Imagine sitting in your car, humming along to a classic oldie when the light changes. You start to move through the intersection when the sound of rending metal and shattering glass fills the air. Someone’s just t-boned you. When the police arrive, “witnesses” say that you were the one who ran the red light.

Unfortunately, you’ve just been caught in an auto insurance scam. Even scarier, this is just one of many different types of staged auto accidents that are becoming more popular as the economy remains sluggish.

To help you become more aware of these scams, here are a few of the most commonly staged auto accidents to watch out for.

False Endorsement.

After the accidents, con artists will give their victims contact info for allege five-star repair shops or for “powerful” lawyers or for “caring” doctors, but in reality, each of these “professionals” will be in on the con. The mechanics will overcharge, the car accidents lawyers will pressure the victims into filing an expensive suit, and the doctors will give bogus diagnoses.
Swoop and Stop.

Swoop and stop staged auto accidents involve one car suddenly pulling in front of the victim’s and then stopping. A second car will then pull up alongside the victim’s vehicle, preventing them from avoiding an accident with the car in front. The passengers in the front car will then collaborate with a doctor to file bogus personal injury claims against the real victim, or may even go to a legitimate doctor and claim they have whiplash, which is difficult to detect.

The Wave.

These staged auto accidents typically take place in heavy traffic. When con artists see people changing lanes, they’ll wave them ahead, but as soon as the victims go, they’ll hit the gas and collide with the other cars. Naturally, they’ll deny that they waved their victims ahead when the cops show up, which puts the fault on the victims.

If you or anyone else you know thinks they may have been a victim of one of these staged auto accidents, get in touch with auto accidents attorneys immediately. Their skills and experience will help you get out of the tough jams that staged auto accidents are. If you have any questions about these staged auto accidents, feel free to ask in the comments. Ger more information on this topic here:

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