Timeshares A Cautionary Tale


While some timeshare owners are content with their purchases, others are spending their days on Google searching ” how do you sell a timeshare?” Timeshare presentations are a high-pressure, well-documented, and widespread realm. Knowing this well, timeshare representatives offer substantial incentives to attract potential owners to their presentations.

Before falling for these incentives, it’s worth noting that numerous consumers have sounded warnings about timeshare presentations. For example, a couple traveled from Auburn, CA, to attend a timeshare presentation in Puerto Vallarta.

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They had been promised a $450.00 award.

The couple sat through the meeting, which lasted more than the promised 90 minutes. They left the meeting eight hours later, signing their timeshare contract. The couple later canceled their timeshare within the annulment period, but the resort continued its attempt to obtain money from them. Besides the annual timeshare maintenance costs, timeshare owners may be susceptible to special evaluation fees.

Timeshare representatives may spend less time on special assessments during presentations, making the business dangerous for buyers. Special assessment fees are beyond the standard maintenance fees, as they cater to unique upgrades, damages, and other situations that may arise. Many previous timeshare owners are not only seeking to know how to sell a timeshare, but are also seeking damages for breach of a warrant, duty, and contract from the timeshare. .

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