“Waiter, There’s a Mouse in my Dew” And Other Weird Lawsuits

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Are you sick of hearing about these yet? Neither am I. If you’ve never considered prepaid legal services as an option, here are some more ridiculous examples of crazy people who thought it would be wise to file a lawsuit. Reading these stories makes me really want to hire an attorney, if only to be prepared for all of the strange things life can throw at you.

That’s it, I’m suing God! – Ernie Chambers, a Nebraska state senator, wasn’t too pleased with the recent push for legislation that prevented people from filing frivolous lawsuits. So, in protest, he filed one himself, suing God and commanding he stop all harmful acts and “terrorist threats.” Does God have a lawyer? Who pays God’s legal fees?

Delicious… – When Ronald Bell found a dead mouse in his Mountain Dew, he was (understandably) a little distraught. (Maybe more distraught than the woman who found the finger in her chili. Yikes!) But when he sued Pepsi $50,000 for the damages, they argued that the mouse couldn’t have been from their plant because it would have been liquefied by the chemicals and machines before it could reach Ron’s cup.

It used to be about the music! – Martin Stoner decided that the $75,000 price for Young Concer Artists was worth his best shot, so he tried to compete. It should have been a breeze, since he was 60 and was playing violin for the New York City Ballet orchestra for 25 years. Tragically, they alerted Martin that he wasn’t young enough to compete. So, he filed a lawsuit and tried to stop the contest altogether.

If these wacky legal woes aren’t enough to make you consider prepaid legal services, then I don’t know what will. You can never be too ready for all the weird life gives you.

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