What You Must Know About Potential DUI’s

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Have you recently been charged with a DUI offense? You should contact a DUI attorney for guidance and legal representation if you have. A DUI attorney assists you by ensuring that the outcome of your DUI charge goes in your favor, by building a strong case in your defense.

Do you get a ticket for DUI? Yes, when a person is charged with a DUI offense, a ticket or summons is handed to the offender at the time of the arrest. The ticket specifies when the offender will have to stand in court to face charges. Offenders usually have their driver’s license suspended, too.

If you’re a first-time offender and you’re wondering, “can you get jail time for first DUI?” the answer is maybe. You can avoid jail time for the first offense in most state jurisdictions. That said, aggravating factors such as death and injuries suffered by a victim, high blood alcohol concentration, and the presence of a minor in the vehicle when the offense was committed can lead to jail time.

In the instance of DUI and no license, an offender is usually charged with two offenses–a DUI charge and another for unlicensed driving. If an offender is charged with a third or subsequent DUI offense, a longer sentence is often meted out by the judge in addition to other penalties.

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In many cases, a good number of individuals do not know all of their rights when arrested for a DUI. In many cases, those accused of DUI’s are stripped of these rights and are not notified of the options that they have. In these cases, it is helpful to find a sufficient lawyer who is armed with the tips that can get you through a DUI trial. Many may be wondering “how do I find a good attorney” and “what do I need to know if I am convicted of a DUI?” Here are some tips for those living in Ohio who may deal with or are currently dealing with DUIs.

1. In Ohio, DUIs are often referred to as OVIs (AKA “operating a vehicle under the influence”).

2. Those accused of OVI’s may acquire a plea bargain if certain factors are present in the defendant. These factors include a borderline BAC, the absence of any accident, and no prior record for the defendant. With an OVI in Ohio contributing up to 6 points on a license, a plea bargain may be of some serious interest.

3. You can challenge results given from BAC tests. And if you are facing OVI charges, a DUI lawyer has the power to analyze videos related to the charge, as well as challenging breathalyzer tests.

4. Almost 45,000 people have at least five OVI convictions. It is likely that many of these cases can be avoided or reduced with the use of a DUI attorney in Ohio, and by knowing a bit more information about DUI laws in the state.

5. The police need probable cause before pulling you over. If you were not showing any signs of reckless driving, the police had no right to pull you over in the first place. Any criminal justice lawyer will make sure that you were pulled over for a reason.

A relevant question to have if you have been convicted of an OVI should be “How do I find a good attorney?” With many judges taking advantage of convicted individuals, it is important that you know your rights and that you keep them. The best DUI attorneys are there to help with this.

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