When the Internet Isn’t Enough, Consider Consulting an Attorney

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When do you need an attorney? We’ve all seen court dramas where the lawyers argue passionately for their clients. That crafted image may be the very thing that keeps the average person from seeking legal counsel. A future client might be a person who has had a mining injury; experienced nursing home abuse; been effected by product liability; or a common place work related injury.

Coal Mining Is Notoriously Dangerous. Here’s How to Protect Yourself After the Fact.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that a mining injury is more likely to occur than just about any other work place injury, with a higher risk of causing severe damage. For example, in 2007 the risk of injury in the mining industry was six times higher than that which was recorded for the private industries.

If a mining injury is not a rare occurrence, it may cause one to wonder why it would be so important to have an attorney. It is a sad truth that what may be obvious to a bystander becomes convoluted when put into practice. Miners need to have their interests protected; some unscrupulous companies have taken advantage of a miner’s need to work by insisting they know the conditions they will be working in, and therefore the blame for ailments is on the worker, not the employer. An attorney with a working knowledge of the law can fight on behalf of a mining injury to ensure the worker receives their due.

Elder Abuse Is a Real Concern Among Caregivers. Here’s What to Look Out For.

Abuse can take different forms, such as physical, emotional, sexual, and even through neglect. The simple fact we must all face is that our bodies become more frail as we age. It becomes more difficult to physically resist someone who may try to overpower us. For a senior citizen, the problem is compounded because the abuser is likely a caregiver of some sort. In 2014, there were about 1.4 million nursing home residents split between roughly 15,600 nursing facilities, although abuse can at times also come from a family member.

Some of the signs of elder abuse are: physical injuries that are inadequately explained away; nervous behavior out of proportion to the current situation; or if it seems that the senior is commonly dehydrated, dizzy, with clothes inappropriate for the weather. Some of these signs may seem relative, or hard to pin down. This is when an attorney may be able to better assist you or the senior you believe may be suffering. It is not required that you know all the legalese associated with elder abuse laws. It is however vital that you speak up if you see the signs of abuse.

Work Related Injuries: Why Do They Never Believe It’s Not Your Fault?

Doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? No one goes to work thinking about how they’re going to trip over an ill-concealed piece of cord or lift a surprisingly heavy box and injure themselves. And yet, it can be extraordinarily difficult for a worker to prove that their injury was an accident.

You don’t know what you don’t know. It is likely that you will realize some of these unknowns if one of the above situations happens to you or someone you know. Because you do not need to be the Great and All Knowing Oz in every situation, try someone who does know, such as an attorney. Maybe you start with an internet search first, but remember: it is always okay to reach out for help.

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