When You Should Hire An Immigration Lawyer

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For as long as the world has spun, love has transcended all boundaries. Love is not a respector of country, color, creed or ability. Love can take hold of us unexpectedly or hit us like a title wave we chose to face head on when we became parents. Love may be the single most powerful force on the planet, but unfortunately, our laws and boarders often get in the way of love’s full expression.
If you have a loved one who was born outside of the US, you know what I’m talking about. You should also pick up the phone and call a family based immigration lawyer the moment you’re finished reading this article. US immigration lawyers are highly trained and familiar with the policy and procedure specific to your situation. Below are just a few of the complex circumstances that you could be facing, and how an immigrant attorney can help.
Fiances or Spouses of Immigrants, Immigrant Fiances or Spouses
If anything in the above subtitle describes your situation, a good immigration lawyer is a must to start the process. Contrary to popular myth, being engaged to a US citizen does not automatically gaurantee US citizenship. Depending on the foreign spouse’s country of origin, there are lengthy proofs of relationship, visa processes, and interviews that must be completed before residency is considered. Even then, the US government reserves the right to deny resedency paperwork, or a “green card,” and citizenship will still be five years away. US immigration lawyers can analyse your specific situation and explain to you the pros and cons of your residency case, as well as help you get a handle on any necessary documentation.
Parents of Immigrant Children, Children of Immigrant Parents
Over the past five years, the US has cracked down on illegal immigrants who have children within its boarders. In 2013, immigration enforcement agencies deported over 70,000 parents who said they had US-born children, resulting in the tragic splitting up of families and thousands of well loved children being thrown into the social service system in the absence of their parents. US immigration lawyers can help you avoid this kind of family tragedy. Even if you are here illegally, an immigration lawyer must practice attorney client privilege, meaning that all business between you and them is kept confidential. They can help you find a path to citizenship, or at the very least ensure that your US born children have adequate proof of in-country birth and residency.
All told, the US grants nearly half a million family-based visas every year. US immigration lawyers can help you join these fortunate ranks, but not if you don’t ask for help! If you’re unsure of how to go about this, consider consulting an already naturalized community leader from you or your loved one’s foreign country who might be able to point you in the right direction.

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