You Might Be Wrong About the Constitution


You may think that you know the United States constitution fairly well. However, studies have proven that Americans time and time again generally can’t tell the difference between the United States constitution and those of other countries. In fact, many Americans would get the Soviet constitution mixed up with the Soviet constitution. In this video, a lawyer will show you a few common misconceptions about about the United States constitution.

Many people believe that English is the official language of the United States. It is the most commonly spoken language after all.

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However, lawyers will tell you that it actually doesn’t have an official language. Many have tried to make it the official language over the years. However, they have all failed. Ever since the beginning of this country, the United States has been a melting pot of different languages and cultures. For example, the colonies originally spoke Dutch, German, and French in addition to English. The United States has simply been a place that has been affluent in many languages. Even today, there are many people that speak Spanish and French. It doesn’t look like the official language will change any time soon.


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