Great Lawyers with YouTube Channels


The advancement of technology has made it easier how people can access information especially the one concerning legal issues. Currently, several professional lawyers are using YouTube to educate their viewers about their services before they can file or litigate their cases in court. In that way, several people have managed to plan well with their lawyers on YouTube and won several court cases. Below are the great lawyers with YouTube channels.

Great Lawyers with YouTube Channels

Steven D. Kramer
Steven D. Kramer, the founder of Kramer Law firm, is one of the best divorce lawyers in Orlando with YouTube channels known as Kramer Law Firm and helps with several issues including:
Through his YouTube channel Kramer assists individuals with complicated legal issues, especially the ones with family business interests, high income, and complex assets.

The attorney helps spouses to understand the kinds of alimony and the factors considered when determining alimony. Visitation and child custody are not popular for most newly divorced parents. In this case, Kramer uses his YouTube channel to ensure that his audience fully understands the options available from them. The Orlando divorce lawyer explains their legal options about divorce to the audience to ensure that they have a legally enforceable, valid, and fair drafted agreement. Also, Kramer helps clients understand the equitable division of marital property that sometimes becomes complicated and frustrating for spouses to solve.

Scott Reisch
He started the Crime talk show on YouTube. Scott is a professional criminal attorney for 24 years. He has focused on representing corporations and individuals accused of criminal offenses across the United States. He has represented more than 200 criminal trials and won acquittals for clients in most of the cases. In addition, he has represented defendants in several high-profile cases alleging first-degree murder, sexual assault, and other crimes. Arguably, through the Crime Talk Show Scott brings you the best contents of crime news, analysis, and information. In particular, Scott informs people accused of crime about their rights and how they can protect them. He makes them understand the possible effects of their criminal charges and solutions based on the several criminal cases he has handled.

John Skiba
Skiba is a consumer protectionist lawyer who uses his YouTube channel “Consumer Warrior” to help people who are struggling with finances and debt. Through his channel, he acknowledges that most people are unaware of the relief and protection which the law provides in rebuilding their financial issues. Skiba’s YouTube channel is limited to assisting consumers with bankruptcy-related legal matters including providing them with ways they can fight back against debt collection abuse. Fortunately, Skiba has assisted hundreds of clients to have a fresh start through the bankruptcy process. The main purpose why Skiba opened the YouTube channel is to offer his clients with understanding and knowledge of the court system in assisting them in dealing with financial challenges. As the best bankruptcy lawyer in Arizona, Skiba provides free consultation in reviewing the client’s current situation and helps them devise the best plan out of bankruptcy.

Roy Oppenheim
Roy Oppenheim is a successful real estate planning lawyer and serial entrepreneur focusing on Florida foreclosure defense, real estate, internet ventures, and loss mitigation. Roy founded the Oppenheim Law firm in 1989 and uniquely positioned it as one of the leading firms in Florida. Roy concentrates his practice in creating videos in commercial and residential real estate including sales, acquisitions, leasing, and financing. In most cases, Roy uses his YouTube channel to offer his clients advice on how they can negotiate for sale and purchase agreements for both sellers and buyers. Roy explains the issuance of title insurance policies, title examinations, and commercial real estate transactions. In particular, Roy uses his channel to explain to his clients the legal terms of a sale contract, documents required for their new homes. He also informs his audience of the circumstances that can make them hire a real estate lawyer.

Andrew Feldstein
Andrew Feldstein has a YouTube channel known as the Feldstein Family Law Group. For more than 20 years Andrew has been practicing family law and has become the best family law lawyer in Ontario. Andrew knows the family law, the outcomes of past verdicts and uses that knowledge to educate his audience on how they can get the best outcome. Most importantly, the lawyer uses his videos to provide peace of mind to the audience by offering them ideas on handling their family issues. In his channel, Andrew focuses on family law’s primary areas, including parent’s visitation rights, separation, adoption, spousal support, child support, asset division, arbitration, mediation, child abduction, and divorce (contested and uncontested). You can also find several videos where media outlets have interviewed Andrew Feldstein about his knowledge of family law aspects. Some of these outlets include Global Television, Law Times, Prime TV, 680 News, Canada Am, Toronto Star, City TV, and Lawyers Weekly.

Lawrence Taylor
Taylor is one of the best DUI defense lawyer in California. He served as a deputy district attorney and public defender in Los Angeles before joining a private practice. Surprisingly, Taylor was a trial legal advisor in People versus Charles Manson. Later Taylor turned into teaching and taught at the Gonzaga University of Law. In his YouTube channel “Lawrence Taylor”, Taylor talks about his 44 years of experience, 12 books, and over thirty articles he has written about DUI litigation. He also provides advice on how one can get his/her sentencing or charges reduced or a case dismissed. Taylor is familiar with California traffic laws can that help him to advise his clients on their legal rights. Not only that, Taylor discusses on you can find a good DUI defense attorney if you have been accused of drunk driving. He provides free consultation services and advice.

Perkins Coie
Most people have developed an interest in securities laws due to financial scandals that have occurred in the past. Based on the extent of harm contributed by wrongdoing or securities fraud and the increased relevance of securities law, Perkins Coie is one of the best securities lawyers in Washington, DC. Perkins Coie who is the founder of Perkins Coie LLP, an international law firm is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, DC, decided to create his YouTube channel, “Perkins Coie” to educate his clients about this niche. Perkins has specialized in complex, changing regulations and laws which apply to financial investments. In particular, Perkins helps his audience to learn more about the regulations governing bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.

As one of the best securities lawyer in Seattle, Perkins uses his channel to disclose the necessary information about recommended investment. Further, he advises his clients on the common signs of securities mismanagement or fraud of their investments and what they should way as they invest. Not only that, he advises his audience on the kinds of claims which are available for investors who suffer losses that are not attributable to normal market forces. Some of the forces that he mostly explains include breach of fiduciary duty, failure to diversify, conflict of interest, misrepresentation, trading without permission, and risky investments.

Neil Shouse
Neil is an honors graduate of Harvard Law school and UC Berkeley. He is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He is the founder of the Shouse Law Group channel, which he uses to advise his audience on criminal defense, employment law, immigration, and personal injury cases. In the YouTube Videos, Shouse talks about the juvenile, DUI, felony, and misdemeanor cases that their California criminal defense attorneys handle throughout San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, and San Diego.

Mr. Shouse has a high experience in personal injury law and has defended the world’s most prestigious law firms, Sidleyand Austin. He uses his experience to provide free advice on how people can handle the insurance industry properly. Further, Shouse is a frequent legal commentator in the national media and has featured on Al Jazeera, Good Morning America, Fox News Channel, CNN, Dr. Phil, and CBS Morning Show. In the YouTube channel, you can find the videos and the media shows he had attended and how they can help victims of wrongful acts to recover money for emotional and physical injuries.

Paul Rabalais
Paul understands that regardless of the stage that is in life he/she can experience unforeseen circumstances and it is vital to be prepared. Such a case explains why he created the Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC YouTube channel that he uses to discuss issues concerning estate planning. Paul is updated with estate regulations and tax law and rules governing ongoing trusts. Paul has revealed in most of his videos that he is working on building an online platform that can help his audience to easily establish and maintain their estate plan. Through the YouTube channel, he has provided free estate planning legal consultation services to thousands of clients. He has managed to write several articles in different aspects of estate planning and has held thousands of seminars on this niche.

In his YouTube channel, you can find some of the seminars and shows where he talks about the book, he has written including Estate Planning in Louisiana. Most importantly, Paul highlights the steps that his clients can undertake to develop a comprehensive financial arrangement that is tailored to their unique goals, concerns, and needs. Due to his vast experience on planning issues, Rabalais Estate Planning, LLC YouTube channel has attracted more than 15,000 subscribers. Paul posts 2 videos per week on the YouTube channel.

Elain Martin
Elaine is a fellow immigrant and an experienced immigration lawyer. Through her YouTube Channel the “Martin Law Office”, she posts weekly short videos of about 5 minutes explaining the various aspects of United States immigration. Also, Elain explains how she can take care of your family-based and corporate US immigration requirements. She has managed to help thousands of corporations and individuals to navigate the complex immigration process in the US since 1997.

Anton Vialtsin
Anton is the founder of the Lawstache law firm YouTube Channel. The San Diego-based criminal defense and civil litigation attorney is a dedicated and experienced professional who focuses on achieving his clients’ best results. Anton has handled serious felony and misdemeanor cases ranging from attempted murder, gang-related violence assaults, and DUIs. Anton has in-depth knowledge about the Federal Criminal Codes and Federal sentencing guidelines. In his videos, he talks about how he has used his knowledge to handle more than one hundred federal criminal cases and how he can help his clients navigate any criminal cases they might face. He posts one video every Wednesday. Currently, the channel has attracted more than 1,500 subscribers.

Carla Parris
Carla is an entertainment and sports attorney who operates from Marie de Vere Chambers in Port of Spain, Tobago, and Trinidad. She uses her YouTube channel, Carla Parris LLB, LLM to help creatives understand how they employ intellectual property law to generate revenue from their creative passions in broadcast sectors, sports, animation, fashion, film, and music. She endeavors to reduce the exploitation of Caribbean products which is common globally. Notably, Carla targets her videos to people who own home theaters and other varieties of home entertainment systems so that they can know how to handle issues concerning warranty questions. She started the channel in Jan 2018 and post four videos per year.

Thomas J. Henry
Thomas J. Henry is a respected attorney who has been practicing personal injury law for more than two decades and has and has continued to represent victims who have suffered medical malpractice and personal injury. Thomas uses his YouTube channel, “thomasjhenrylaw” to educate his clients on the proper time frame for filing a claim and how they can respond to the correspondence from other parties. Since Thomas is an experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer, he explains to his audience how they can avoid intimidation from the healthcare provider’s legal team and help build a strategy for effective negotiation. If you are a victim of any medical malpractice and suffered damage and injuries, you can follow Thomas’s channel to learn more on why you should consider taking legal action. After that, you can discuss your case with Thomas for free, with no in-person meeting needed. The channel has attracted more than 2,000 subscribers.

YouTube is an excellent resource that you can use to educate yourself about legal knowledge. You can also use it to learn about the best lawyers near you especially the ones who deal with common issues such as medical malpractice, personal injury, divorce, DUI, and real estate. The lawyers highlighted above bring you the day’s legal controversies, trials, and free advice.

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