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Our Lawyers Charity Work video explains the need and importance of law professionals to get involved in charity work. The nature of the legal environment and the cases that a lawyer is exposed to require a certain degree of empathy and an understanding of people’s different backgrounds and circumstances. Finding new ways to help people outside the scope of your job as an attorney helps you grow into a better person and practitioner because if you don’t then you will struggle to relate with strangers and members of the jury that are ordinary people with their challenges. Understanding people and helping them is a key component of being a better person. Having a mentor to instill these values and beliefs early on in your career will help you make an incredible lawyer in your field of specialization be it being a divorce lawyer or an adoption lawyer.

It is important to be someone always willing to learn from different people, especially those that you deem to be beneath your social and/or class status. Helping people is a consistent and constant action that requires a person to be selfless without any expected self-gratification as the driving motivation. The best way to stay committed to your mission to better the lives of others as a lawyer is to take at least one pro bono matter that doesn’t require much of your time to resolve. It could be anything but as long as the main objective is bettering the circumstances of the affected person because not only does it benefit them but it helps to ameliorate your perceptions of the world and how people struggle with seemingly small things. Changing the circumstances of one individual creates a positive chain reaction that is filtered through the community at large and if passed on it could make a notable change in the world.

Another alternative to charity work outside work is associating yourself with an established nonprofit organization and see how you can offer your services for free. None of this takes away from your daily job as a lawyer, you can still focus on being an adoption lawyer but it’s better to improve your relatability. Working with like-minded attorneys will make it easier for you to incorporate charity into your daily routine that encompasses your role in the legal profession. It makes it easier if you are a person who has set values and innate qualities that can be beneficial towards improving the state of your community and prospective clients who may not have the means to pay your fees but come from horrendous circumstances. So, in whatever you do, always choose to be good to others and help where you can.

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